Viridi, Goddess of Nature

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Viridi, Goddess of Nature is the eleventh chapter in Kid Icarus: Uprising's story line. Pit and Palutena witness a war between two human armies, which are immediately exterminated by the newly introduced, Viridi, and Pit decides to pursue and defeat her, as well as her Forces of Nature army.


[edit] Air Battle

Introduction of Viridi.

The air portion begins with Pit flying by a battlefield, in which two human armies are clashing. Palutena mentions that the armies are clashing over a Wish Seed, which is said to hold unstoppable power, but it turns out to be nothing but a rumor, created by Hades. The Underworld Army are in the area and they plan on collecting the human souls, due to the casualties that will result in the war of the human armies, so Palutena tells Pit to focus on the Underworld Army, since they can't stop the war.

Viridi's Reset Bomb

Moments later, Palutena pulls Pit out of the battlefield, due to an incoming, enormous meteor-like object that eventually crashes, wiping out the entire human population on the battlefield. Viridi appears and reveals that she's the one who intentionally killed the humans, using an object called a Reset Bomb.

Palutena sends Pit to check out the area that has appeared from the Reset Bomb. Viridi explains how humans are the main cause of the World's problems and how she plans on exterminating the human race using Reset Bombs, which supposedly returns the land to its natural state. Pit and Palutena attempts to reason with Viridi, but fails, so they decide to oppose the Forces of Nature. As Pit easily breezes through the Forces of Nature, Viridi decides to summon Cragalanche, who knocks Pit out of the air, leading to the 'Land' portion.

[edit] Land Battle

Pit going through the Reset Bomb forest

The land portion takes place inside the forest that spawned from the Reset Bomb. The forest Pit must make his way through is mostly structured as a labyrinth. Throughout the stage, there are shown to be very few human survivors from the impact of the Reset Bomb. Freeing the survivors will leave out food, giving Pit the opportunity to recover some of his health. This stage introduces many enemies from the Forces of Nature, that Pit must go against in order to reach Cragalanche.

[edit] Boss Battle

Pit battling Cragalanche

The boss Pit encounters in this Chapter is Cragalanche, which is a fairly tall monster made up of rock. Cragalanche can take many hits from Pit's attacks with no issue, but he has a major weakness, which is a red core on its back. Due to its high mobility and high damaged attacks, it will be difficult trying to maneuver behind Cragalanche. After you strike the weak point a few times, Cragalanche will fall to the ground temporarily, leaving him even more vulnerable for Pit to attack. Pit can actually attack Cragalanche anywhere on his body as well, but damage output is significantly low. Cragalanche has a variety of attacks such as tackling Pit, throwing boulders, and digging underground, but managing your stamina while dodging its attacks, will eventually land you the victory.

[edit] Trivia

This is the only chapter in which many humans are killed, making this one of the darkest Chapters in the game.

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