Viridi as seen in Kid Icarus: Uprising
Gender Female / Goddess
First Appearance Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)
Most Recent Appearance Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)
Alignment Forces of Nature

Viridi is one of the main characters in Kid Icarus: Uprising for the Nintendo 3DS. She is first introduced as an antagonist, later switching to a protagonist. Her goals are usually pure (to save the world of nature from human beings and their destruction), but end up being executed in an evil manner (dropping a Reset Bomb on a town of humans).

She is the Goddess of Nature and the leader of the Forces of Nature, an army made entirely out of organic soldiers.

[edit] Personality

Despite her young appearance, the Goddess of Nature is older at heart. She is seen to despise human beings for their destruction of what she has worked hard to maintain, and often works to destroy them in turn. However, she is doing what is right in her mind, and sees nothing wrong with this.

She has a very fierce temper. When the Pit destroys her Reset Bomb Factory, she goes into a frenzy and tells him that he is on the top of her "to-kill" list. She also refuses to work anything out with the humans, and decides solely to blow them up instead of attempting to compromise.

Whenever she begins to quarrel with Hades, God of the Underworld, she shows off a more lighthearted, motherly side of herself. She doesn't seem to understand what his reason is for destroying the humans and the rest of the world, and begins to question him about it, showing a curious side of her, reminiscent of that of a young girl. However, Palutena answers her question and Viridi goes back to her slightly sadistic normal personality once more.

[edit] Kid Icarus: Uprising

Viridi as seen during some conversations

Viridi is first introduced in Uprising when she drops a Reset Bomb on an unsuspecting town in an attempt to wipe out humans and leave everything full of nature and reset the town back to its original state. She sends out her army, the Forces of Nature, only to be thwarted by Pit and Palutena. However, the Reset Bomb is successful, and wipes out human beings in its radius.

In the next chapter, she begins to drop another one. However, Palutena has already caught wind of her plans and sends Pit out to stop the bomb. He gets there just in time and destroys it before it can hit its desired location. When they head towards the Reset Bomb Depot, she deploys the Forces of Nature once again to stop the angel and goddess combination. However, she is unsuccessful and is attacked by the Underworld Army. Luckily, Pit is able to stop both of the forces. Viridi quarrels with Hades, the leader of the Underworld, for the duration of the chapter over little things, such as hobbies and why Hades is interfering.

It is revealed in The Lunar Sanctum that she informed Arlon the Serene, a commander in the Forces of Nature, about Pit before he arrived. When he remarks how strangely kind of her this was, Arlon tells the angel that she informed him not to allow Pit to spread his chaos to the Lunar Sanctum of all places, and to unleash the troops as soon as possible.

In Lightning Battle, her commander, the Lightning Flash, Phosphora, does battle with Thanatos, and is victorious. Viridi does not play much of a role in this chapter, only speaking occasionally, stating that Phosphora is a free spirit, and lives like a hobo. She also comments on the battle between Pit and Phosphora, stating that Pit doesn't stand a chance. She is shocked when Phosphora, and Pit exclaims that he's coming for her next.

In Mysterious Invaders, aliens start attacking the earth. Pit wonders if they are a new unit of the Forces of Nature, before Viridi reveals that this is not the case. She, Palutena, and Hades temporarily put aside their differences to defeat this common enemy. The sun god, Pyrrhon appears, revealing that the aliens are called the Aurum. He states that the Book of Divine Prophecy foretold this, stating that the Aurum are beckoned by destruction and corruption. Viridi states that she doesn't remember that passage. Palutena concludes that the Aurum must have been drawn to Earth by the war between Viridi and Hades. Viridi states that this is the stupidest thing she's ever heard, and that it's convenient how Palutena has forgotten her tift with the Underworld. Pit reminds Viridi of her Reset Bomb that was visible from space, and she tells him to zip it, and that the Aurum are the aggressors, and they're the victims. Palutena agrees, stating that they're on the same side now.

In The Aurum Hive, the fight against the Aurum continues. Viridi notices that the Aurum are copying other enemies. When Pit finds a hot spring, Viridi warns him that it's an Aurum hot spring, and he doesn't know if it's dangerous. Pit states that he's been getting shot at the entire game, and asks why, if Aurum hot springs are so dangerous, she didn't warn him in the last level. Viridi says that it's because that's Palutena's job, not hers. When Pit is on the grind rails, and is surrounded by enemies, Viridi sends in the Forces of Nature to help him. Pit is surprised, and Viridi tells him not to get the wrong idea, that she's not doing this to help him, and that it's simply in her best interest to keep him alive for now. If Pit is on the left grind rail, he will descent to a platform with more enemies. Palutena will tease Viridi about her display of affection, stating that she must have a soft spot for Pit. Pit says that he doesn't think she'll that bad either, before Viridi whispers to him, telling him to keep his voice down, because people are listening, before loudly exclaiming that she's "definitely NOT" doing this to help Pit. Palutena doesn't believe her, and Pit, upset, states that he's not here to help her either. Viridi gets flustered, calling the pair annoying, and stating that is the reason why she tried to kill Pit.

In The Aurum Brain, after Pyrrhon betrays them, Viridi drops a reset bomb, though it fails. Pit's power of flight runs out, and Pit begins falling to his death. Viridi saves him by giving him a platform to land on. Pit says that he doesn't get why Viridi saved him, and she tells him that there's nothing to "get", and to shut up and get ready to fight.

In The Ring of Chaos, after getting his body pack, and having the Power of Flight granted to him, Pit, thinking it's Palutena, states that he missed her, and is glad she's back to lead him. Viridi reveals that she's the one giving him flight, and Pit asks how that's possible. Viridi states that anything Palutena can do, she can do better, and asks Pit if she wants her help or not. Pit states that he was just thinking about how nice it would be to fly on his own. Viridi states that that's not an option. Pit asks her to at least tell him what happened to Palutena. Viridi says that she'll do him one better, and show him, telling him to fasten his seatbelt for a non-stop flight to Skyworld. As they get closer, Pit says that he's praying that Palutena is alright, and Viridi asks who he's praying to, and state he is a confused angel. When they arrive, Viridi reveals that Palutena has gone off the deep end, and destroyed Skyworld in the process. She also states she's still fighting the Underworld Army, but it is mankind's enemy now too. Pit asks what the Forces of Nature have been up to, and Viridi states that they keep busy, but less so now that the humans are occupied with Palutena. Palutena appears as an astral projection, and states that she's tired of fighting for the humans, and that's especially tired of dealing with Pit. Pit is in disbelief, but Viridi reassures him that this is real. Pit tells Viridi to send him in, and she asks him if he's sure about that. He says "absolutely", and Viridi tells him not to say she didn't warn him. She sends him, before stating that she forgot to mention that Palutena's Temple is protected by a force field. Pit yells that Viridi set him up, and she tastes that they're nothing more they can do there, and extracts him.

At Viridi's sanctuary, Pit is curious as to what has happened here. Viridi tells Pit that he still has to prepare for battle, and that she's taking over Palutena's duties whether he likes it or not. Pit wonders if she's joking, and she reaffirms that anything Palutena can do, she can do better. Pit notices that everything he needs is still there, and states he didn't give Viridi enough credit, and that she's kind of awesome. Viridi tells him that being a suck-up won't get him anywhere with her, and that her only concern is defeating Hades.

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