The Wish Seed

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The Wish Seed is the tenth chapter in Kid Icarus: Uprising's story line and marks the beginning of a new story arc, due to the introduction of Hades, god of the Underworld. This Chapter has Pit and Palutena making their way to a volcano to retrieve an item, known as the Wish Seed, before Hades gets it.


[edit] Air Battle

Pit flying over a fiery sea.

Pit starts out the aerial portion over a volcanic area. Pit and Palutena discuss their new enemy, Hades, and how his Underworld Army are crowding around the volcano. Palutena remarks how Hades wants the Wish Seed, which grants the user any wish of their choice, so they decide to head to the location of the seed before Hades reaches it. She also mentions how the volcano has a guardian, The Immortal Phoenix, who Pit has to defeat to reach the seed.

As Pit makes his way through the volcanic wasteland, he encounters numerous enemies. There are also many obstacles Pit has to avoid such as, the fiery sea, fire geysers, and molten walls. Near the end of the aerial portion, Palutena will give Pit the option to choose whether he wants to go through the tunnel or go directly to the volcano. If Pit decides to go through the tunnel, he will encounter many more enemies, whereas if he decides to go directly to the volcano, he must deal with many fiery obstacles, although there are less enemies. After going through one of the two possible paths, Pit lands inside of the volcano.

[edit] Land Battle

Pit riding an Exo Tank.

As Pit traverses his way through the volcano, Palutena reiterates that Pit needs to defeat The Immortal Phoenix, in order to get a hold of the Wish Seed. During the entire ground section, Pit must be careful as he's surrounded by lava. Stepping into the lava will deal damage, as well as inflict a burn status. Pit will also encounter an Exo Tank midway through the Chapter, which he can use to cross over the pool of lava. It's also needed if you want to obtain a few Treasure Chests.

Pit inside of the volcano.

Eventually Hades, will join the conversation and explains the wish he plans to make with the Wish Seed. He simply mentions that he want to revive a girl's parents who were killed, but Pit and Palutena don't believe Hades at all. Later on in the Chapter, Hades reveals that the Wish Seed is actually a fake. Hades mentions how humans can't resist a wish granting item, and since they can't reach the Phoenix to realize it's fake, they'll be battling each other to the point of extinction. Pit and Palutena, not approving of the plan, decides that they have to defeat the Phoenix, as well as destroy the fake Wish Seed. Eventually Pit makes his way through the volcano and reaches the Phoenix.

[edit] Zodiac Chamber

After hitting the switch, knocking the platform into the lava and revealing a new path, walk into the next room and head immediately to the left. Go down the path and you'll encounter the chamber, which holds the Leo Cannon.

[edit] Intensity Gates

There's one Intensity Gate in this Chapter and requires an intensity of 4.0. After defeating the Tempura Wizard, head into the next room and you'll see the gate. Inside the area holds a Hot Spring, a Souflee, and enemies. If you defeat all of the enemies, you'll get a weapon.

[edit] Boss Battle

Pit battling the Phoenix.

The boss that Pit faces in this Chapter is The Immortal Phoenix. This giant bird has a variety of long ranged fire attacks. His attacks ranged from Flamethrower and a large Fire Beam. The creature also has an attack, in which he covers his whole body in flames and attempts to tackle Pit. In the center of the arena, is a Jump Pad that Pit can use to avoid some of the bird's attacks. Also in the center is the fake Wish Seed, which Pit must destroy as well.

After dealing enough damage, the Phoenix will go down and a beacon will appear, in which Pit believes the humans will know the seed is fake. Unfortunately, Hades mentions that it actually symbolizes the fact that the Phoenix was defeated, which gives the humans the impression that the Wish Seed was stolen. The humans prepare an all out war against each other, which leads into the next Chapter: Viridi, Goddess of Nature.

[edit] Trivia

This is one of the few Chapters that holds the Exo Tank vehicle.

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