The War's End

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The War's End is the twenty fifth and final chapter in Kid Icarus: Uprising's story line. Pit equips the Great Sacred Treasure he earned from Dyntos and proceeds onto the final battle against the Lord of the Underworld, Hades.


[edit] Final Boss Battle

[edit] Phase 1

Hades Phase 1

The final Chapter begins with Pit activating the Great Sacred Treasure and proceeding through the Underworld to find and defeat Hades, while both Palutena and Viridi watch over him. Using the Great Sacred Treasure, Pit easily plows through all of the enemies of the Underworld Army, where suddenly, Hades appears from the ground. After an exchange of words, Pit and Hades start their final battle.

In the first phase, Hades will launch a variety of powerful attacks, such as a
Hades forming a twister
large laser beam and punches, but the Great Sacred Treasure will automatically dodge the attacks. However, the projectiles he launches with his hands and cape can't be dodge and Pit must focus his attacks on them, as well as Hades' body. Suddenly, Hades will start to spin extremely fast, forming a twister, where Palutena warns Pit to avoid it, otherwise it will tear the angel apart. To avoid the twister, you must remain in any corner of the screen until the attack finishes. Afterwards, Hades will give chase to Pit, while launching more projectiles. Here, Pit can finish the first phase after dealing a certain amount of damage.

After beating him, Hades will attempt to kick Pit, but misses and launches himself into the sky. The Great Sacred Treasure transforms to its Pursuit Mode, where Pit will give chase to Hades.

[edit] Phase 2

Hades Phase 2

The second phase begins as Pit finally catches up with Hades. Many turrets will start sprouting on his legs, which Pit must destroy. The turrets will launch laser projectiles as well as shields protecting it. The battle will start on the left side of Hades body, before switching to the right side. Finally, Pit will be moving towards his cape where more laser turrets, shaped as Hades' face, appears and fires even more projectiles. On his cape is the weak point, indicated by a purple circle on the top of his cape.

After striking that weak point, the second phase finishes and Hades will launch multiple lasers, damaging the Great Sacred Treasure, but Pit continues on and the vehicle transforms to its Mech Armor Mode.

[edit] Phase 3

Hades Phase 3

The third phase has Pit engaging combat with Hades' upper body, also filled with multiple laser turrets, which Pit must destroy. Hades will simultaneously summon a black-hole like object with his left hand, which can pull Pit towards it, while letting out more projectiles from his eyes. Hades, will repeat the procedure with his right hand. Pit must destroy both black holes once they are summoned. Finally, the Underworld Lord will sprout more turrets on his chest, as well as expose his weak point at the center of his chest that's covered with a shield. All turrets must be destroyed in order for the weak point to be vulnerable for Pit to attack.

After finishing this phase, Hades will grab Pit and attempt to drill the Great Sacred Treasure off of him, but to his surprise, part of the vehicle detaches from the main body. Pit then, unleashes a sword and slices Hades' body in half. The Great Sacred Treasure will enter its Ultralight Mode.

[edit] Phase 4

Hades Phase 4

This phase begins as both Pit and Hades arrive in the Overworld. Hades legs will regenerate and the battle will continue. In this phase, Palutena mentions to Pit that the blue projectiles that Hades launches, must be shot at, to damage him, while Viridi warns Pit not to shoot the purple projectiles, as the result will be unavoidable damage to himself. Hades will also launch energy shields, which Pit must avoid. Pit must deal damage to the weak point indicated by a light area above his regenerated legs.

After dealing enough damage, Pit will attempt to finish off Hades, but the Underworld Lord disappears, but suddenly reappears and smashes the Great Sacred Treasure, leaving Pit defenseless. The angel is falling and the player must quickly line Pit up with the land below by aligning the reticle.

Hades preparing an attack

As Pit lands on the ground, Hades approaches the angel and starts to charge a deadly attack to finish him off. At this point, Palutena senses a force that is seeking Hades and orders Pit to guide that particular force by keeping the reticle on him before Hades finishes charging the attack. If Hades finishes charging, it will result in a game over. However, if successful, it will reveal Medusa as the force, who will decapitate Hades, only for the Underworld Lord to quickly wipe out Medusa with one punch.

[edit] Phase 5

Hades Final Form

Hades regenerates his head and Pit grabs the cannon from the remnants of the Great Sacred Treasure, leading to the final phase. Viridi grants Pit the Power of Flight one final time, while Palutena uses her power to charge the cannon that Pit is wielding. While the cannon is charging, Pit must avoid the large lasers appearing from Hades' hands and eyes. Once the cannon is fully charged, as indicated by the meter on top of the screen, Viridi will tell Pit to fire.

Pit will unleashed the blast from the cannon defeating Hades once and for all.

[edit] Epilogue

As everything returns to normal, the crowd starts to cheer as Pit flies by the area. Viridi appears and mentions that they're back to the main problem, which are humans, and she wonders why Pit cares so much about them. The angel replies that humans are the only beings with heart, they have faith and devotion, and also believe and respect Gods. Viridi remarks that Pit isn't a god and asks if he's saying that only believers deserve protection. Dark Pit will suddenly appear and fly alongside Pit as everyone else continue their conversation. Palutena interrupts by telling Viridi to let Pit have his moment, since he saved everyone. Viridi comments on whether humans have faith and devotion only for the intention of getting wishes from the Gods. Palutena agrees by stating how humans can be selfish, as well as Gods. Pit replies that no one can be as selfish as the Gods. Viridi mentions that she's done with the conversation and leaves, and the game ends as Pit and Dark Pit fly into the sunset.

[edit] Trivia

  • This is the only Chapter in the game that is aerial exclusive.
  • The Great Sacred Treasure is used, only in this Chapter.
  • If you wait a few minutes after the credits end, Hades breaks the fourth wall and congratulates Pit, calling him one of the greatest Nintendo characters. He humorously jokes about deleting the player's save file and mentions about making his return in 25 years, in the next sequel. He also mentions that the player can spice up the difficulty by putting more hearts into the Fiend's Cauldron, as well as state that Boss Battle Mode is unlocked. Hades ends his message by stating that Kid Icarus: Uprising is his favorite game of all time.

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