The Three Trials

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The Three Trials is the twenty fourth and penultimate chapter in Kid Icarus: Uprising's story line. Pit is in search of Dyntos, the god of the forge, who was responsible for the creation of the Three Sacred Treasure, which Hades destroyed in the previous Chapter: Lord of the Underworld.


[edit] Air Battle

Pit in Dyntos Workshop

Pit starts out above the clouds, in the skies. Palutena remarks how Pit is unable to defeat Hades in his current state, so they decide to pay a visit to Dyntos, who is known as the god of the forge. Dyntos is responsible for the creation of all weapons, including the Three Sacred Treasure, which was destroyed by Hades, so Pit and Palutena want to convince him to create a more powerful weapon. While making his way to Dyntos, Pit has to take on enemies from the Underworld Army, Forces of Nature, and the Aurum Troops. Soon, the stage goes completely dark and Dyntos workshop appears, where Pit proceeds inside. The god himself introduces himself and decides to create a weapon necessary to defeat Hades, although he mentions to Pit that he must first complete three trials. As Pit exits the workshop, three First Blades, a pair of Tiger Claws, and a Palutena Bow, will appear and attempt to attack him. Afterwards, Pit will finally arrive at the location, where he will take part in the three trials, thus leading to the land battle.

[edit] Land Battle

During the land battle, Pit has to make his way through three tough trials, where if he successfully completes them, Dyntos will reward Pit with a powerful weapon to defeat Hades.

Pit enduring the first trial

In the first trial, Pit must endure a long stair climb, while facing enemies from the Underworld Army, Forces of Nature, and the Aurum Troops. After reaching the end of the stairs, Pit must face a wave of enemies. Defeating all of the enemies will unlock a door, allowing Pit to proceed. In the next area, Pit will revisit a boss, The Immortal Phoenix. The boss battle is played out the exact way as the previous encounter. After defeating the Phoenix once more, Pit will return to the main area, where he must endure a second stair climb and another wave of enemies. The enemies in this particular wave can be very strong, such as: Bumpety Bombs, a Reaper, Mimicuties, and an Orne. After getting through the enemy wave, another door will unlock. In the next area, Pit revisits a boss once again, this boss being Cragalanche. Defeat it the same way as the previous encounter and Pit will be sent back to the main area one last time to endure a final stair climb along with the final wave of enemies. Getting through those enemies and heading through the final door, Pit will revisit a third boss, the Galactic Fiend Kraken. After defeating it, Dyntos remarks that Pit has completed the first trial and must tackle two more trials.

Pit facing Magnus and Gaol

The second trial involves Pit facing two more boss battles with some slight changes. The first battle, Pit will face Dark Lord Gaol once again from Chapter 2: Magnus and the Dark Lord, but Magnus will accompany her this time. These two people Pit has to defeat, aren't copies as Dyntos mentions. Unlike the three bosses Pit had faced in the first trial, Magnus and Gaol were invited to test Pit's strength. All of Gaol's attack are long ranged, while all of Magnus' are close ranged, making the battle challenging.

Pseudo Palutena

When both characters are defeated, Pit will immediately start his second battle against Palutena. This battle plays out similar to her previous encounter in Chapter 20: Palutena's Temple, but without the Chaos Kin, therefore Pit can attack her directly. After dealing a certain amount of damage, this Palutena will reveal that she's actually an impostor by transforming into an ugly, non human form, Pseudo-Palutena. Her attack pattern is similar to the real Palutena. Defeat her, and Pit will successfully complete his second trial.

[edit] Zodiac Chamber

This Chapter holds the final Zodiac Chamber in the game. At the very beginning of the land portion, after going up the first elevator, turn the opposite direction and head down the stairs to reach the chamber. The item Pit obtains from this chamber is the Pisces Heal.

[edit] Boss Battle

Pit facing the Great Sacred Treasure

The boss of this Chapter is the Great Sacred Treasure, and is the final trial Pit has to face. This machine is heavily armored and has a variety of laser attacks. It's also very mobile, which can make the machine very difficult to hit. After dealing a certain amount of damage, the Great Sacred Treasure will charge up a powerful beam to destroy half of the battlefield. The area that will be destroyed will be indicated by a glowing red light on the ground. Pit has a step away from the attack range quickly. If he fails to move in time, the Great Sacred Treasure will destroy the platform, resulting in instant death and you must restart the boss battle. Dodging his attacks and landing more hits will eventually result in the Great Sacred Treasure's defeat, thus completing the final trial.

The result of completing the three trials is the Great Sacret Treasure itself. Pit pilots the machine and prepares for his final battle against Hades in the next and final Chapter: The War's End.

[edit] Trivia

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