The Reaper's Line of Sight

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The Reaper's Line of Sight is the fourth chapter in Kid Icarus: Uprising's story line. This Chapter has Pit finding and making his way through Reaper Fortress, in hopes of finding out of Pandora's whereabouts. The enemies, Reapers, who first appeared in the original Kid Icarus, makes a return in this Chapter.


[edit] Air Battle

More Underworld enemies

This Chapter starts off with Pit in an area surrounded by a fog and dark clouds. Palutena explains that she's trying to locate another one of Medusa's commanders, Pandora, inside of her labyrinth. The problem is that there's a force inside of the nearby Reaper's Fortress that's obscuring the labyrinth's location. Therefore, their next destination is the Reaper's Fortress, to find out Pandora's whereabouts.

Pit encountering Reapers

Palutena eventually lowers Pit, below the clouds. As he continues on, Pit will witness many glowing eyes, which represents the Reapers' eyes. They had spotted and summoned Reapettes to attack Pit. Palutena remarks that she needs to find a safe route for Pit, therefore she sends him into a nearby ravine to help escape the Reapers as well as lead him to the Reaper's Fortress. The ravine is filled with more Reapers and other Underworld enemies. Once he's out, Pit will appear in front of the Reaper's Fortess and he attempts to get in from above, but unexpectedly, lasers fire from many directions, forcing him to enter through from the front, which leads to the land portion.

[edit] Land Battle

Pit and a nearby Reaper

Pit is inside the Reaper's Fortress and must find the strong force that's preventing Palutena from locating Pandora's labyrinth. Palutena mentions that Reaper's are crawling and patrolling every corner throughout the fortress, and Pit must keep his distance, if he wants to avoid fighting them. If Pit steps into their line of sight, the Reapers will pursue him while summoning Reapettes to attack. There are other enemies introduced in this Chapter, such as the Eggplant Wizard, who attempts to throw eggplants towards the player. If Pit is hit, he will be inflicted with damage, as well as temporarily turn into an eggplant, disabling all of his attacks. There are also traps Pit must avoid, such as bottomless pits and slicing blades. Once Pit makes his way through the obstacles, he will reach the location of the powerful force.

[edit] Zodiac Chamber

It's located in the same room where you'll encounter the Eggplant Wizard. Drop down to the lower floor and you'll see the chamber. Be careful of the Clubberskull, as you make your way to the chamber. The item you obtain from this chamber is the Taurus Arm.

[edit] Intensity Gates

You'll reach an area where you can go on a jump pad, or head through a door. Go through the door and head up the elevator. Once you step out, you'll see an Intensity Gate, which requires an intensity setting of 5.0. Inside the area, consists of a grind rail leading to enemies, which you have to defeat to reach multiple Treasure Chests containing a weapon and food items. As you make your way back, you'll encounter two Reapers, which should be avoided.

[edit] Boss Battle

Pit facing the Great Reaper

At first, Pit encounters a normal Reaper, but he suddenly transforms into the Great Reaper, who's responsible for the force obscuring Pandora's location. You can fight this boss on the ground level or the upper level and the Great Reaper will use multiple attacks depending on which level you're on.

If Pit is on the lower level, the Great Reaper will attempt to walk and stomp towards him, simply dealing damage if he's near the Reaper's foot. After dealing a certain amount of damage, it will move at a quicker pace, making the Reaper tougher to avoid. At some point, the Reaper will attempt to jump on top of Pit as well.

If Pit is on the upper level, most of the Great Reaper's attacks will come from its scythe. It will attempt to slam the scythe vertically, shooting out beams towards the Pit. The Reaper will swing the scythe horizontally as well, across the upper platform, where Pit has to dodge. Also, the Great Reaper can fire out a laser beam from its eye.

After draining nearly all of its health, the Great Reaper's eye will glow, where Pit will have to attack one last time, in order to defeat it.

[edit] Trivia

When Pit encounters a Reaper, the 8-bit theme from encountering the Reapers in the original Kid Icarus, plays here.

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