The Lunar Sanctum

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The Lunar Sanctum is the thirteenth chapter in Kid Icarus: Uprising's story line. After successfully stopping the Reset Bombs, Pit and Palutena decided to deal with the rest of Viridi's Forces of Nature, specifically one of her commanders, Arlon, who this Chapter features.


[edit] Air Battle

Pit heading towards the Lunar Sanctum

This Chapter starts out with Pit singing a song, due to his victory against Viridi. Palutena mentions that even though that they managed to stop her Reset Bombs, they still have to deal with her Forces of Nature, as well as Arlon, who is one of Viridi's top commanders. She mentions that he has a weapon much more lethal than a Reset Bomb.

Pit will encounter two moons, but the one on the right turns out to be a duplicate of the original moon. Suddenly, the duplicate moon opens itself and emits an enormous laser from its core towards Pit, and Palutena remarks that the duplicate is actually Arlon's Lunar Sanctum. She decides to send Pit towards that location. As Pit quickly makes his way to the lunar sanctum, the core emits multiple lasers, which Pit must avoid, as well as face more enemies that are approaching from that location.

Pit closing in on the Lunar Sanctum's entrance

As Pit approaches the entrance to the Lunar Sanctum, Palutena remarks that Arlon may be planning a massive attack due to the firepower he holds. Moments later, Arlon introduces himself, denying the plans. Arlon appears less as an enemy and surprisingly offers to negotiate at first. Palutena mentions that he should withdraw his forces and join her to take on the Underworld Army together, before she considers negotiating with him. Arlon replies that the decision is out of his hands and falls entirely on Viridi, therefore Pit and Palutena continue to proceed into the Lunar Sanctum. At the end of the aerial portion, Pit will head through a corridor, where Arlon will attempt to shut the gates on him. The angel must simply shoot or melee the gates in order to finally enter the Lunar Sanctum, thus leading to the ground portion.

[edit] Land Battle

Pit in the Lunar Sanctum

This is one of the more lengthy ground portions of the game. Pit must traverse his way through the Lunar Sanctum, where he and Palutena compliment on how classy the place looks and how it's like a whole new world. This Sanctum is filled with many visual tricks and illusions such as hologram of many enemies, invisible platforms that can only be seen through a reflection in the mirror, and misleading grind rails, which can be fixed by hitting a switch. There's a room where you have to hit three switches, that can only be seen by looking at the mirror.

Midway through the chapter, Pit will reach a room where he will encounter Dark Pit, to everyone's surprise, as well as the Lunar Sanctum Control Center, both which must be defeated. Arlon revealed that Dark Pit only came due to the presence of Pit, therefore, he'd be able to fight the angel. Pit has to defeat Dark Pit similarly to Chapter 6. The Lunar Sanctum Control Center is a blue core that controls the Sanctum's defenses. As Pit attacks it, the core will shoot out a projectile towards him. After dealing enough damage, the core will explode, allowing Pit to continue through the rest of the Sanctum.

Dark Pit

The rest of the Sanctum consists of Pit going through the moon's(which was the duplicate) surface, while riding an Exo Tank. Pit will also encounter a new enemy called Clobbers, which are the equivalent to the Clubberskull of the Underworld army. After plowing through the enemies, Pit will eventually reach the boss of the chapter.

[edit] Intensity Gates

The Intensity Gate requires an intensity setting of 7.0. In the room where the boss door is located, head left to reach the gate. Inside a gate is a small room holding a Treasure Chest, containing a random weapon.

[edit] Boss Battle

Arlon, The Serene

The boss Pit faces in this Chapter is Arlon. Arlon moves extremely quick and has the ability to darken the arena, making it difficult for Pit to land a direct attack on him. It's best to wait for Arlon to attack, then you'll be able to get a glimpse of his silhouette. He also has a variety of long ranged projectiles, which Pit must avoid. After dealing a certain amount of damage, Arlon will darken the area even more and launch more deadly attacks towards the angel. After dealing enough damage Arlon will go down.

The Chapter ends with the Lunar Sanctum defusing. Also, there shows to be a mysterious creature escaping from the sanctum, but Pit immediately shrugs it off.

[edit] Trivia

  • This Chapter holds one of the longest land portions of the entire game.

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