The Chaos Vortex

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The Chaos Vortex is the twenty first Chapter in Kid Icarus: Uprising's story line. Following the end of the previous Chapter, where the Chaos Kin retreated with Palutena's soul inside of the Chaos Vortex, Pit, Viridi, and Dark Pit proceed after it in order to retrieve it and save the goddess.


[edit] Air Battle

Pit inside the Chaos Vortex

The Chapter starts off with Pit exiting Palutena's Temple, into the Chaos Vortex, with the help of Viridi, and Dark Pit, who's gone ahead. In the vortex, is filled with chaos, as Pit encounters countless enemies from the Underworld Army, which are actually copies that are created from the Chaos Kin. As he proceed further into the vortex, large eyes will suddenly appear, scaring both Pit and Viridi. Also large silhouettes of arms appear to hinder Pit's vision. Immediately afterwards, the entire area goes completely dark temporarily, but he eventually ends up outside again after plowing through a few enemies.

Pit chasing the Chaos Kin

Later on, Pit will encounter new enemies which appear as shadow versions of himself armed with different weapons. Once Pit, gets past those enemies, Viridi will spot the Chaos Kin and use her power to rush Pit after it. Pit must deal damage to the Chaos Kin, while giving it an intense chase throughout the vortex. After acertain period, the Chaos Kin will crash into a rock, slowing it down momentarily. At this point you must shoot it before it recovers and escape, causing a game over. Once you shoot it, the Chaos Kin will go down, leading to the Land Battle.

[edit] Land Battle

Pit enduring the enemy waves

This portion of the Chapter takes places in an arena that the Chaos Kin has fell onto. During the land battle the Chaos Kin goes invisible and summon many copies of enemies from the Underworld Army, Forces of Nature, and Aurum Fleet, which Pit must defeat. Pit must face thirteen waves of these enemies before the Chaos Kin reappears. The first eight waves, Pit must get through alone, although with the remaining five waves, Dark Pit appears to assist him. Dark Pit mentions how he is connected to Pit, bringing up that he wasn't able to do anything while Pit was trapped inside the ring in Chapter 18. Therefore, they agree to work together to rescue Palutena. After defeating the final enemy wave, the Chaos Kin reappears from underground.

[edit] Boss Battle

Chaos Kin

The boss that Pit faces in this Chapter, with the help of Dark Pit, is the Chaos Kin. The creature tries to escape, but Viridi puts up a barrier to prevent it from leaving, giving Pit and Dark Pit the opportunity to attack. The Chaos Kin doesn't have a lot of strength, but it makes up for that loss by being an extremely quick creature, making it difficult for Pit to land a direct hit. Viridi attempts to help by laying a trapped which keeps the Chaos Kin locked in place if he ever comes into contact with it. After dealing enough damage, the Chaos Kin will be defeated and release Palutena's soul, reviving her.

[edit] Conclusion

Pit severely injured

Immediately after, the Chaos Kin recovers and turns to Dark Pit. He pulls him out of the arena and Pit decides to go after him. Pit tells Viridi to activate the Power of Flight, but she resists due to the fact that his wings will catch fire. Regardless of that fact, he tells her to activate it anyway, where she reluctantly agrees.

During this section, you're falling and you must line yourself up with Dark Pit in order to rescue him. Failure to do so quickly will result in a game over. Pit manages to save Dark Pit, although his wings have burned up completely and ends up in an unconscious state. Palutena is deeply saddened from seeing Pit severely injured and fears that he won't be able to survive in his current condition.

[edit] Trivia

  • Pit references the Metroid series by remarking how one of the enemies look like Metroids. Viridi replies that their world and the Metroid world have nothing to do with each other.

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