The Aurum Hive

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The Aurum Hive is the sixteenth chapter in Kid Icarus: Uprising's story line and is a continuation of the Aurum Fleet's mini arc. Pit and Palutena, with the help of Viridi and Hades, head to their next destination, the Aurum Hive to destroy the Aurum Generator and wipe out the majority of their fleet.


[edit] Air Battle

Pit battling the Aurum Fleet

The Chapter starts out with Pit heading towards the Aurum Fleet. Palutena remarks how the Aurum has been weakened from the previous Chapter, but aren't defeated. As he passes through some of the ships, he must destroy them by shooting the green markers. The green markers are what Palutena uses to connect to the ship's engine, therefore shooting the marker will immediately destroy the ship. As he is going through the fleet, he will encounter the many Aurum troops, as he did in the previous Chapter, but will act much more aggressive.

In the distance, Pit will see the Aurum Hive, which is being used to create their battleships. In order to take out the fleet, they must destroy the hive's generator, so Palutena sends Pit to the location. As he gets closer to the hive, Pit will encounter Aurum enemies that take on the forms of the Underworld Army and Forces of Nature, which Viridi points out. When they finally reach the entrance, Palutena points out that a shield is preventing access to the Aurum Hive, but suddenly, Hades appears with a battleship from the Aurum Fleet, that his Underworld Army took over, and crashes it into the shield, breaking through the force field. Pit enters the Aurum Hive through the battleship, leading to the land portion of the Chapter.

[edit] Land Battle

Pit inside the Aurum Hive

This portion of the Chapter puts Pit inside the Aurum Hive, where he must head to its center to shut down the power generator. As with the previous Chapter, the only enemies encountered are the Aurum, most which will appear in waves in this Chapter. Pit must avoid many traps and obstacles such as, electrifying floors, laser blades, and collapsing floors. There's one room in particular where Pit has to get through a room while avoiding an enormous vehicle, which circles around the room.

An Aether Ring can be used to help defeat the many enemies and progress through the traps without getting harmed. Near the end, Pit will have to ride a set of grind rails to the building, which holds the hive's power generator. Following that, he must face one last wave of the Aurum's strongest enemies, before reaching the Aurum Hive's generator in the next room, leading to the Boss Battle.

[edit] Zodiac Chamber

You'll come to a point where you must use the Aether Ring to float down to another area. While floating, you'll see a hall where the chamber is located. Quickly go there before the ring floats down pass it. This chamber earns you the Scorpio Staff.

[edit] Intensity Gates

In the room with the automatic doors that let out hearts, is the gate which requires an intensity of 7.0. Inside the gate is a Treasure Chest, which gives you a random weapon.

[edit] Boss Battle

Aurum Hive's Generator

In this battle, Pit must take out the Aurum Hive's power generator by simply shooting it. The unique thing about this boss battle is that Pit is grinding on rails the entire time. The generator is completely immobile, but there are Aurum enemies that will try to take out Pit in the process. As you deal damage to the generator, Pyrrhon will appear to try and help Pit, only to accidentally strengthen the generator with his fire attacks. The generator increases in strengthen when heat is applied to it. At this point, shields will appear and they will be able to counter your attacks, possibly harming you. Also, electrical currents will start to pass through the rails, so Pit must switch rails accordingly. After dealing more damage, the generator will finally explode, getting rid of the Aurum Hive. Pyrrhon remarks that their final destination is the Aurum Brain, leading straight to the next Chapter: The Aurum Brain.

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