The Aurum Brain

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The Aurum Hive is the seventeenth chapter of Kid Icarus: Uprising's story line and is the final Chapter of the Aurum Fleet's mini arc. Pit and Palutena, with the help of Viridi, Hades, and Pyrrhon head to their final destination, which is the Aurum fortress to eliminate the Aurum Brain, which will result in the defeat of the Aurum race.


[edit] Air Battle

The Aurum Brain

The Chapter starts with Pit heading towards the Aurum Fleet and their main fortress to take down the Aurum Brain, the mastermind behind the planet's invasion. The Aurum are now battling Pit, Palutena, Pyrrhon and the armies of Virdi and Hades, in full force, now that the Aurum Brain is the target. Viridi and Hades armies mainly occupy the enemies from outside of the fortress, allowing Pit, as well as Pyrrhon to enter deep inside the fortress. After plowing through Aurum enemies, Pit will finally reach the room holding the Aurum Brain.

Pit must attack the Brain directly while avoiding the nearby Aurum enemies that are protecting it. After a certain amount of time, Pyrrhon will suddenly appear and crash into the Brain itself. It results in an enormous explosion and Palutena quickly pulls Pit out of the fortress.

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Pyrrhon appears and reveals to them that his plan was to take control of the Aurum Brain in order to gain more power. He unexpectedly sends the Aurum to attack Pit and the others, who struggles to hold back the enemies. Viridi decides to use her final Reset Bomb on the fortress, which shows to have no effect. Palutena decides to pull Pit out, but is unsuccessful due to Pyrrhon preventing her from doing so. She cuts off the Power of Flight, to prevent his wings from burning up. Viridi saves Pit by calling her troops to bring a platform for him to land on, leading immediately to the land portion

[edit] Land Battle

Pit inside of the fortress

This portion is entirely on rails as well. It has Pit on the small platform, that's being held by Viridi's troops, and he must make his way to Aurum Brain's location once again, only this time to take out Pyrrhon. While Viridi's troop are carrying their platform back to the fortress, Pit must take out the nearby enemies on the platform he's standing on. Eventually Pit complains about the not having enough space, so Viridi sends a larger platform for Pit to maneuver around more easily. There will be some occasions where the Aurum battle ships attempt to crush the platform, but Viridi's troop eventually manages to pull through.

Pyrrhon notices how Pit is approaching the fortress' entrance, so he launches his Pyro Blaster towards his platform. The troops carrying the platform tilt it upwards to prevent Pit from being harmed and as a result, they were sacrificed, since they ended up taking the direct hit. Suddenly two Centurions from Palutena's Army appear and continue carrying the platform inside the fortress. As this point, Pit continues fighting the Aurum and he must protect the Centurions from taking too much damage from their attacks. If the two Centurions are defeated, Palutena will bring in two more Centurions to keep the platform moving. Although, if those two Centurions go down as well, it will result in a game over. After getting through the obstacles and the swarm of Aurum enemies at the very end, you'll reach the room holding the brain once more, leading to the Boss Battle.

[edit] Boss Battle

Aurum Pyrrhon

As they reach the room with the Aurum Brain once again, they observe that the brain has taking full control of Pyrrhon, to form the Aurum Pyrrhon. The platform that Pit is standing on, the Centurions will rotate around the boss. Aurum Pyrrhon will launch a wide variety of fire attacks, which Pit must avoid. One particular fire attack will take up the entire platform, which must be avoided by using the Jump Pad. To defeat him, Pit must first take out the green targets that are holding up the shield. Afterwards, you can keep attacking Aurum Pyrrhon directly, until he eventually goes down.

After defeating it, Pit escapes while the area explodes, and it's shown that Pyrrhon is carrying the Aurum fortress away from the planet, eliminating the threat of the Aurum.

[edit] Trivia

  • This is the only Chapter that is entirely on-rails, including the Land portion.

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