Pyrrhon as seen in Kid Icarus: Uprising
Gender Male / God
First Appearance Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)
Most Recent Appearance Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)
Alignment Pit / Aurum

Pyrrhon is one of the main characters in Kid Icarus: Uprising for the Nintendo 3DS. He is first introduced in Chapter 15 as a protagonist helping Pit to defeat the mysterious invaders, the Aurum. However, he later turns into an antagonist and uses the Aurum Brain to try and take control of the world, attempting to defeat all three major groups - the Angels, the Forces of Nature and the Underworld Army.

He is the apparent self-proclaimed sun god, as Viridi and Palutena are unsure of his actual status as a god. He often refers to things such as Divinipedia, an ingame universe wiki, and a god's handbook when informing the characters about the Aurum's role in the universe.


[edit] Personality

Pyrrhon could possibly be defined as the "surfer dude" of Kid Icarus: Uprising. He's extremely power-hungry, and he often uses his wits and skills to run in and save the day, shining in the eyes of those observing. The sun god is also extremely arrogant and cocky, which is sometimes a good trait. However, the thirst for power later corrupts him and aligns him with the Aurum race.

Most of the gods and goddesses believe that he really is good at heart, but can easily be won over by promises of power. However, he is always rushing in to help Pit to defeat the Aurum intruders whenever he needs it, even if it is to get to the center of the Aurum weaponry and completely take over.

[edit] Story

[edit] The Aurum Invasion

Pyrrhon first appears during the Aurum invasion, when Pit, Hades, Viridi and Palutena begin having trouble against the intruders during chapter 15. He rushes in from nowhere, and the gods and goddesses begin wondering just why he's here when Pit starts to ask questions about who in the world this mysterious hero is. He's told that Pyrrhon is a self-proclaimed sun god, and it's unknown whether he actually holds god status or not. However, the master of fire doesn't mind any of this and rushes to their aid, manipulating the flames and destroying all of the Aurum on one side of the island quickly, while Palutena uses the Power of Flight to guide Pit to the other side, where he can do his cleaning. When Pit defeats the Aurum Core on the central island, Pyrrhon whisks Pit away from the resulting explosion before he is salvaged. Pyrrhon stares towards the sky and "sees danger," a gigantic Aurum space fleet!

[edit] The Aurum Hive

In Chapter 16, Pyrrhon appears once again towards the very end of the chapter, during the boss fight. He uses what he calls his "pyroweaponry" (balls of fire) to shoot and attempt to destroy the Aurum Hive. However, he ends up "enraging" it, and it develops shields and begins to fire projectiles at Pit. He then wishes Pit luck, claiming that he's definitely going to need it. Fortunately, Pit defeats the Aurum Hive, at which point, Pyrrhon expresses that they must now head off to destroy the Aurum Brain.

[edit] The Aurum Brain

It's Chapter 17. The last battle with the Aurum begins with only one thing in the party's mind; eliminating them and the core of their operation, the Aurum Brain and its fortress. Pyrrhon, or course, returns to the battlefield with his pyrocannon action and tells Pit to attack the Aurum Brain, no time for learning. Things heat up when Pit reaches it. Pyrrhon tells pit to do his "shooting thing" but before long the egotistical ally enters the brain itself in attempt to fry it. A fiery explosion forces Pit out, and along with recolored enemies and a speech from the Pyrrhon himself, it's clear that the Aurum Brain had won him over. He even has the power scorch the forest from a Reset Bomb and block Palutena from extracting Pit before the Power of Flight ran out... After being carried by platform by Viridi's troops, they save Pit from a huge Pyrocannon blast and Centurions take over, and must be protected. When the hero reaches the brain again, the battle with Aurum Pyrrhon begins. After Pit is victorious, another fiery blast propels the Aurum Brain Fortress into outer space, away from Earth.

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