Palutena's Temple

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Palutena's Temple is the twentieth Chapter in Kid Icarus: Uprising's story line. Obtaining the Lightning Chariot from the previous Chapter, Pit, with the help of Viridi, uses it to destroy the barrier in order to gain access to Palutena's Temple and stop Palutena's aggressive behavior.


[edit] Air Battle

Pit in the Lightning Chariot

This Chapter starts off with Pit making his way to Palutena's Temple, while riding the Lightning Chariot. The Lightning Chariot moves at extremely high speeds, allowing Pit to travel through a vortex, in order to reach the temple immediately. The enemies that Pit encounters during the aerial portion are Hades' Underworld Army. During this portion, Viridi explains how Pit was the cause of all of the conflict currently going on. She mentions, when Pit destroyed the Lunar Sanctum three years ago, he freed the Chaos Kin, who's possibly responsible for Palutena's behavior. As Viridi explains more about the Chaos Kin, Pit unexpectedly arrives at Palutena's Temple, leading to the land portion.

[edit] Land Battle

Pit at Palutena's Temple

Pit arrives at Palutena's Temple and proceeds forward, in hopes of stopping her. Palutena remarks on how ungrateful the humans are and disapproves of Pit defending them, while Pit attempts to reason with Palutena and goes as far as threatening to defeat her, in order to save her and Skyworld. Viridi continues her explanation of the Chaos Kin by stating how it has the ability to control the host's soul. Pit assumes that's the likely scenario with Palutena and vows to rescue her.

In the beginning, the enemies Pit encounters are the creatures of Palutena's Army. As Pit reaches an underground, maze-like passage, Hades appears and summons his Underworld Army, leaving Pit to face them as well, including the deadly Tempura Wizard near the end of the land portion. Pit encounters a couple of Exo-Tank vehicles throughout the Chapter, with the second one being required, in order to cross a fairly large gap. Following that, Pit reaches an arena, in which he has to battle one last wave of enemies, before proceeding to the location of the Goddess Palutena.

[edit] Zodiac Chamber

In the underground passage, you'll see the Zodiac Chamber in a jail cell. Step on the nearby switch to open the jail cell, with an enemy, to the right of it. Walk inside that jail cell and walk to the left, through the fake wall, leading you to the Chamber. The item obtained from this Chamber is the Capricorn Club.

[edit] Intensity Gate

Near the first Exo-Tank, you'll see a 5.0 Intensity Gate. In there, is an alternate path, that consists of more enemies and a Treasure Chest, but will ultimately lead to the same area as the normal path.

The second Intensity Gate(8.0) is in the underground passage, which leads to a small room consisting of a Treasure Chest.

[edit] Boss Battle

Pit battles Palutena

The boss of this Chapter is Palutena, but as Pit correctly assumed, the Chaos Kin is responsible for Palutena's behavior. Therefore, you have to attack the Chaos Kin, who starts off invisible and mainly hovers above Palutena, but if you manage to deal too much damage to Palutena, it will result in the failure of the mission and you'll have to restart the battle.

After getting a few attacks on the Chaos Kin, it will become visible and drop to the ground, giving you an opportunity to deal more damage. At the same time, you have to avoid Palutena's attacks, most of them being long ranged attacks. When the Chaos Kin has taken enough damage, you'll defeat him, breaking the curse on Palutena.

[edit] Conclusion

As Palutena awaken, the Chaos Kin head towards her and, by surprise, stick his tail in her back, stealing her soul and she turns into stone. The Chaos Kin escapes into the Chaos Vortex. As the vortex closes, Dark Pit appears with the Lightning Chariot and breaks open the vortex. Pit and Dark Pit proceed into the vortex to try and stop the Chaos Kin and rescue Palutena's soul, leading to the next Chapter.

[edit] Trivia

  • This is the only aerial portion in which you don't control Pit directly, as he's in the Lightning Chariot.
  • Viridi breaks the fourth wall, by stating at the end of the Chapter that Pit may want to 'save his game'.

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