Medusa's Revenge

Medusa's Revenge
Poster Art for Medusa's Revenge
Main Protagonist Palutena
Main Antagonist(s) Medusa
Producer STUDIO4°C
Episodes 1

Medusa's Revenge is one episode of the Kid Icarus Anime featured on Nintendo Video for the Nintendo 3DS. It features Medusa as the main character and antagonist, and Palutena and Pit as supporting protagonists.

[edit] Story

Medusa's Revenge is introduced first by Palutena, who explains that she was imprisoned by Medusa in her own realm. She says that Pit, the angel, saves her and frees her from her prison. Afterwards, she calls on Pit for one more task - to stop the newly-resurrected Medusa. Pit then flies quickly out of a cave using Palutena's power of flight, heading towards the human city that is under attack.

Meanwhile, we see Medusa looming over a small town, shooting all of the humans and turning them to stone. The city is in chaos, and all of the inhabitants are running around, screaming in terror. However, Palutena interferes and stops the goddess of darkness from attacking the city. Unfortunately, this caused Medusa to release the Underworld Army upon Skyworld and the human realm.

After Medusa swears revenge on Palutena, Pit is seen flying through a canyon fighting and dodging the Underworld Army in order to reach the goddess of darkness herself. However, Medusa quickly begins to strike back as Pit rushes towards her to thwart her plans. He weaves around the snakes, and confronts Medusa up close. This ends the episode and the mini-series.

Voice Actors
Antony Del Rio Pit
Ali Hillis Palutena
Cree Summer Medusa
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