Lightning Battle

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Lightning Battle is the fourteenth chapter in Kid Icarus: Uprising's story line and it takes place in the sky, inside the Thunder Cloud Temple. Pit continues to go up against Viridi's Forces of Nature and eventually battle one of Viridi's commanders, known as Phosphora.


[edit] Air Battle

Pit making his way through Viridi and Hades' army.

The stage starts out with Pit continuing his battle against the Forces of Nature and Palutena mentions how Hades and his Underworld Army has joined the fray, leaving Pit to deal with both armies. Hades revived Thanatos, who appears in the form of a glowing dragon and is put back into the role of commander. Thanatos is shown fighting against one of Viridi's commanders, Phosphora. Pit continues to deal with Viridi's and Hades' army, while avoiding the battle between their commanders. Eventually Phosphora defeats Thanatos and decides to head to the Thunder Cloud Temple to recharge her energy.

Pit decides to pursue her and head to her temple, but as he approaches the place, Phosphora fires multiple electrical beams which Pit must dodge. Following Phosphora's attack, Pit decides to dive into the Thunder Cloud Temple, leading to the Land Battle.

[edit] Land Battle

Pit inside the Thunder Cloud Temple

As Pit makes his way through this temple, he has to avoid many electric pillars and walls. The enemies Pit deals with on the land are Viridi's Forces of Nature. Pit also has to destroy multiple gems throughout the stage, which act as the power supply to some areas, allowing him to make his way towards Phosphora before she recharges. During the stage, some light hearted conversations develop between Pit, Palutena, and Phosphora. Phosphora attempts to flirt with Pit, while Palutena reminds him that she's the enemy. Also, Palutena and Phosphora get into a fight about each other's ages. Pit will eventually reach a grind rail, leading him to the final passage, in which he have to defeat a group of enemies, before finally reaching Phosphora in the center of the temple.

[edit] Zodiac Chamber

Near the end of the stage, before the boss, you must dodge through the electric barrier to get inside of the room. The item you will obtain is the Libra Sponge.

[edit] Boss Battle

Introduction of Phosphora.

The boss Pit encounters in this Chapter is Phosphora. She moves throughout the field at lightning speeds, which can make it difficult to land a hit on her. All of her attacks are electric based, some that may paralyze you when struck. She has a variety of attacks, close and long ranged, such as releasing an electric barrier when you're too close to her, shooting a variety of electric orbs, and firing shots at electric posts, all which ricochets back to you. The best way to defeat Phosphora is to avoid attacking her head on and instead, keep your distance and wait until she's not moving.

[edit] Trivia

You can listen to some special dialogue between Pit and Palutena, during the Land Battle, if you play this Chapter with a Palm.

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