Goddess Palutena

Palutena and Chaos Kin
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Chaos Kin and possessed Palutena
First Appearance Kid Icarus: Uprising (1986)
Most Recent Appearance Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)
Alignment  ?


[edit] Kid Icarus: Uprising

In Chapter 18 The Ring of Chaos Pit is trapped inside a mysterious ring that controls anyone who wears it, while his body wreaks havoc on a town. It finds its way from a girl to a dog, and into the hands of Magnus. Magnus treks his way through the ruined town, impeded by the Centurions, of all things. Pit's body is soon found and weakened by Magnus, who slips the ring onto the body. Once Pit gets up to his feet, he calls for Palutena to be salvaged, but instead gets beamed up by Viridi and sent into air battle.

Viridi explains to Pit what transpired in the three years he was trapped. The battle between Palutena and the Underworld was still raging, but hte good side is on the losing end, and when Pit makes it to Skyworld, the place is in ruins. Upon approaching the temple, Palutena gives a speech on how anyone can change, even the gods, and how sick she got of the humans and even her trusty servant. Upon hearing these words, Pit surmises someone is controlling her.

In Chapter 19 The Lightning Chariot, Pit and Viridi search for this sacred vehicle that has the speed and power to breach the barrier that Palutena created around her temple.

In Chapter 20 Palutena's Temple, Pit, Viridi, and the Unicorn-powered Lightning Chariot leave the base and into a warp tunnel. This tunnel would lead directly to the temple. Along the way, Pit asks Viridi why Hades blamed him and Palutena for the whole mess, and she reminds him that the Lunar Sanctum was a prison for the Chaos Kin. When it was let loose, its power trapped Pit inside the Ring of Chaos, and it's likely the cause of the Goddess's strange behaviors.

The barrier is shattered, and Pit battles the traitorous Centurions until he finally confronts Palutena herself. He's not on a mission to defeat her, but in a quest to save her.

[edit] Boss Battle: Goddess Palutena (Palutena and Chaos Kin)

(Before you start this battle, turn your volume up if it's muted. It will help a bit with the fight.) As the battle begins, the battle platform rises out of the ground, and once it stops a purple haze occasionally flickers above her. If dialogue is set on, Viridi will caution Pit not to hurt Palutena during the fight, and doing too much damage defeats her and you get a game over screen. What to do?

Watch for the purple haze a show and shoot it. After a few clean hits, a strange creature falls to the floor; it's the Chaos Kin! Attack it while its down, and when it gets up it will fly around, sticking close to Palutena in effort to divert your shots, so it's best to wait until it flies to the side so you don't hit Palutena. Sometimes it will latch onto her back, creating the classic "hostage" situation, just be patient and wait for it to detach. If the Chaos Kin disappears, wait for the purple haze to show itself.

Palutena's attacks aren't all that difficult to dodge, but they can inflict various annoying status effects like weakening, and make your aiming erratic. She pretty much announces when she attacks in-battle, "time for a sacrifice" for example, so simply having your volume on can help you out. Attacks include shooting pillars of light in a spray, and firing shots in bursts of three in succession and at once. (successive shots have homing ability.)

Palutena can also spawn a slow moving, Farore-like symbol that not only follows you, but fires magic missiles, as well as fire a beacon that calls a Centurion or Centurion Knight to the battlefield. When the Chaos Kin is attached to Palutena, it can attack with a short range projectile with purplish aura. If you're up close and personal, she will do a spin jump attack that will knock you away.

Palutena has two more techniques that can be more dangerous than the others. When you see a yellowish light and says "Cover your eyes" turn around and look away from her for a few seconds. If you she is still in view when the light flashes, you will take little to no damage, but the light will blind you for several seconds! She can also form a large light pillar around her and glide towards you, so just run.

[edit] Aftermath

After dealing enough damage to the Chaos Kin, the battle will end. The Chaos Kin is down, but the Goddess can only say "Pit..." before its hook-like tail steals her soul before the creature disappears into the Chaos Vortex. Luckily Dark Pit somehow got hold of the Lightning Chariot and tears open the entrance to the vortex, the setting for Chapter 21.

[edit] Idol Description

The Chaos Kin binds Palutena to its will, manipulating her form like a foul puppet. By doing so, the Chaos Kin simultaneously shields itself and forces Pit to attack the very goddess he serves.

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