Fort Oink

Fort Oink
Fort Oink.png

Gender Unknown
First Appearance Kid Icarus: Uprising
Most Recent Appearance Kid Icarus: Uprising
Alignment Underworld Army

Fort Oinks are enemies in Kid Icarus: Uprising that are encountered later in Pit's adventure. They are first encountered in Chapter 19, The Lightning Chariot, and resemble miniature castles including watchtowers, front doors, and the main tower. In that tower is a pig-like face that pokes in and out. It is then that the front doors begin to open up and let out hostile Underworld enemies like Skuttlers, much like Belunkas. The main difference is that Fort Oink is only vulnerable when its face is showing, which is where you should aim your attacks. In later chapters, it might shoot other enemies like Trynamites. This enemy has high HP and can take some hits before going down. Fort Oinks can be found inAir and Land Battle.

[edit] Tips for Destroying

  • Use charged shots on its face when it appears
  • Consider clearing the room of the enemies it spawns first, and quickly.

[edit] Idol Description

Fort Oink was originally designed to transport Underworld troops to the battlefield. However, mistakes were made, and now it fires its passengers as ammunition. At least the Underworld now knows to measure twice and cut once.

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