Devastation Ensemble

The Devastation Ensemble is Hades' full body armour suit.

[edit] Appearances

It is first seen properly when it is worn by Hades during Chapter 25: The War's End when he fights Pit. Hades also says that he wears it to other special occasions, like weddings or armageddons.

[edit] Weapons

It is covered from head to toe in weaponry, and is described by Viridi as having likeness to a 'Rainbow Apocalypse'. On it are many guns that shoots lasers at Pit, and it also has face guns that are, of course, shaped like Hades' face, so the last thing Pit sees is Hades' 'Godly visage'.

[edit] Destruction

It is presumably destroyed when Hades is destroyed, due to there being nothing left of him. If Hades ressurects himself there is a large chance he would remake the Devastation Ensemble, so it's chance of returning is high.

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