"Clubs" are one of the nine weapon classes in the Nintendo 3DS game Kid Icarus: Uprising, and function differently from all the other weapon classes. Holding the attack button does not activate continuous fire, but a continuous melee attack that can deflect some shots in air battles. Attacking without a charge in air battles shoots wind at enemies that can damage them. The melee combo for clubs deal two strong blows. Dash melee attacks can be used freely when the club is uncharged.

[edit] Appearance and Abilities

Ore Club
Ore Club.png
Made from minerals from the mountain of the gods, the Ore Club is the basic weapon in its class. Its shots fire slow but powerful gusts of wind that can pass through walls. This weapon has balanced ranged and melee performance.
Babel Club
Babel Club.png
The Babel Club resembles a ruined tower with a swirl of clouds at its tip. The weapon has the longest charging period of them all, but it unleashes large and very powerful windstorm projectile that strikes consecutively. Its forward dash charge shot can wipe out layers of enemies, so make every one count!
Aurum Club
Aurum Club.jpg
This club is another weapon based off of Aurum technology. It can shoot through obstacles and fire large, fast shots. On the downside, this weapon has shorter than average range and no homing ability. Its backward charge shots creates an expanding dome of energy that has excellent shot cancellation.
Atlas Club
Atlas Club.png
The Atlas Club is an uncommon example of a weapon that handles more like other weapon classes. It features fast shots that get stronger as they travel, and decent homing from a distance. It lacks the far range and pass through ability that most other clubs have, but this weapon doesn't slow the player as much.
Earthmaul Club
Earthmaul Club.png
This weapon's standing charge shot covers the longest distance of all weapons, traveling a maximum of 126m. This weapon's ranged power is not affected by distance and its attacks have a small chance of causing a burn. It's backward charge shot has less range and is a bit weak but it bounces off walls.
Skyscraper Club
Skyscraper Club.png
This club takes the form of an actual skyscraper from a city. The charge shots deal incredible damage up close and it has great melee power! Unfortunately, the club slows the user more than the other clubs of the class and the shots get weaker the farther they travel.
Ogre Club
Ogre Club.png
This club has the strongest melee power of any weapon. Even without melee combo mods, this thing packs a mean punch! Its shots are slow moving so make sure to throw lots of them out to even the odds!
Halo club
Halo Club.png
Shots from this angelic club has a very small chance to paralyze a foe. Its has a blistering fast charge rate and its shots have decent homing. Just don't count on it excelling at melee because its very weak for its class.
Black Club
Black Club.png
This cold solid slab of blacked steel has shots that get stronger the farther they travel and has excellent homing. The charge time is a bit slow and so is the shot speed. Shots from this club has a very strong chance to cancel out shots.
Capricorn Club
Capricorn Club.png
This club with horns has one of the fastest charge times of its class and its shots move fast. It has decent homing but it has a low shot cancellation value and its shots lose power the farther they travel and has a short range.
Hewdraw club
Hewdraw Club.png
This club has major melee power and range. Its dash charge shot, which is a fireball, speed starts out slow, but it then get faster the farther it travels. Its standing charge shot is drastically different in apperence and has a solid homing ability. You will end up using this shot more often than its dash variant.
Magnus Club
Magnus Club.png
Lovers of this club say its the "ultimate weapon" while haters call it the "noob" club and for good reasons for both. This club has the fastest charge speed in its class. Its has major melee power and its shots have major power! This thing even boosts the speed of the user! The only bad thing about it is the horrid shot range of this weapon. The backwards charge shot deal heavy, ongoing damage. Since this club is used for close combat, shot range dosen't really matter to this weapon.

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