Bows are a weapon class that first appeared in the 1986 NES game Kid Icarus, then later again in Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters. It is set to appear once more in the Nintendo 3DS game Kid Icarus: Uprising. It excels at mid to long range attacks, firing both charged and rapid fire arrows.

[edit] Appearance and Abilities

Fortune Bow
Fortune Bow.png
This is the basic variant of the Bow class of weapons. It is extremely balanced and does well when shooting long-range attacks towards enemies.
Meteor Bow
Meteor Bow.png
The Meteor Bow fires heat-seeking triplets of arrows that hunt down the enemy. Its charged shot is a large arrow with the fierce strength of a meteor, albeit lacking the heat-seeking capabilities of the basic shots. It has the longest range out of all of the Bows.
Sacred Bow of Palutena
Palutena Bow.png
This Bow was originally featured in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as Pit's signature weapon. In Uprising, it features two small rings of light that are able to make their own arrows. Still shots from this bow do not do much damage, but the dash shots are extremely powerful, making this a good choice against the Hewdraw.
Angel's Bow
Angel's Bow.png
The Angel Bow fires heart-shaped projectiles that have a homing ability. Despite this, however, the attacks travel at a slow distance and do not do very much damage.
Silver Bow
Silver Bow.png
The Silver Bow is the weapon of choice for Dark Pit, and is what he uses in his battle against Pit in Chapter 6. It has a homing ability similar to that of the Angel Bow, but is not good with ranged shots, despite its extremely large range. The further away from the enemy that the player is when the shot is fired, the weaker the shot becomes. This weapon works well with closed-ranged shots.
Divine Bow
Many of the shots from this sealed up wooden bow have a high chance of canceling out other shots; sometimes the Black Club if the bow's shot its a dash charge shot. The shots are a tad slow for this class and it doesn't have much power. Even with those weaknesses, the bow has a fast charge time and its homing ability is top notch
Hawkeye Bow
This bow has one of the longest ranges of its class. The shots also have a chance to cancel out fire from other weapons! The melee from this weapon is weak and the charge time of this weapon is long. Its shots are not very noticeable too so some foes may not see it coming
Darkness Bow
This mysterious bow has some serious power in range and even in melee! Unfortunately, this bow has the worst homing ability out of all bows and its charge times is a tad long for this class. It doesn't fire many continuous shots; the dash version fires the same amount of shots but at a faster rate than standing continuous fire.
Crystal Bow
This carved bow has good power in melee and range. Its shots are large and fast moving, too! The shot range, however, is the shortest of this class of weapons.
Phosphora Bow
The bow is obtained when Phosphora is defeated. This bow gives the user speed and its homing ability is the best in the class. This bow can even paralyze foes! The bow lacks power however.
Sagittarius Bow
This bow, bearing the sign of Sagittarius, can be found in Chapter 2, behind a trapesty. The shots from this bow is among the strongest in the class and are fast too. The shots also pierce through enimies. The shot range is decent but the charge time of this bow is slow for this class.
Aurum Bow
Created using the tech of the Aurum, this bow's continuous fire launches lots of shots and has good homing ability. The continuous fire from both standing and dash are low in power. The charge shots however, has good power behind it but its still its best at a distance.

AR Cards
Fortune Bow Hawkeye Bow Crystal Bow
FortuneBowAR.png HawkeyeBowAR.jpg CrystalBowAR.jpg
Silver Bow Divine Bow Darkness Bow
SilverBowAR.jpg DivineBowAR.jpg DarknessBowAR.jpg

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