Arms are one of the nine weapon classes that appear in the Nintendo 3DS game Kid Icarus: Uprising. They are weapons that fit onto Pit's right arm and are known for their superb melee performance, but also their miniscule shot range; the shortest of any weapon class. They generally have little effect on movement speed.

[edit] Appearance and Abilities

Crusher Arm
This arm is the basic weapon for its weapon class. It's the perfect weapon to use when getting used to the strong melee and small range that arms possess. No real flaws or unique qualities, but it's quite strong for a standard model of the class.
Taurus Arm
Taurus Arm.png
The weapon bearing the sign of the Taurus Arm. It's shots have little range and homing, but this arm has the best melee of any arm.
Drill Arm
Drill Arm.png
The Drill arm looks like a big drill hence the name. It's charge shot fires a big drill that has exceptional homing abilities and can attack multiple times per projectile.
Compact Arm
Compact Arm.png
This small weapon boosts the speed of the wielder more than any weapon of its class. This weapon's constant fire is rapid and has decent power behind it. Its has a good charge speed and the charge shots have strong knockback. It has lower melee power but it still packs a decent punch.
Electroshock Arm
Electroshock Arm.png
This weapon's charge shots deals fast, ongoing damage and is a solid choice if you want to inflict a status aliment. It can also paralyze a foe.Its has great melee power and its backwards dash constant fire launchers a small magnetic field that does ongoing damage.
Volcano Arm
Volcano Arm.png
This volcanic arm has good melee power behind it and it can set foes ablaze. It has a long charge rate and has short shot range, making this suited for close combat.
Bomber Arm
This arm has one of the shortest ranges of any weapon. Its constant fire slows the user like the boom orbitars and its weak in terms of strength. Compensate for this by using its powerful melee and dash charge shots.
Bowl Arm
Bowl Arm.png
This fragile looking arm's charge shots has one of the highest shot cancellation values in the game. Is has a fast charge speed but they have little power behind them, despite the shot cancellation. The constant fire from this weapon bounces off the ground and its melee is average at best.
End-All Arm
End-All Arm.png
This vile arm has a slow charge speed and good melee damage. It also slows the user a bit. The charge shots are powerful and its backwards shot gets larger and hangs around for a while.
Upperdash Arm
Upperdash Arm.png
This arm has average power in all but one thing, its melee dash attack. Its melee dash attack is the strongest in the game and can knock out all but the strongest of foes with max stars in melee. Too bad its melee isn't as strong as the dash melee. The other notable thing is that the backwards dash charge shot sends the foe into the air.
Kraken Arm
Kraken Arm.png
This arm looks like the head of the boss from the Galactic Sea. This arm has good homing and constant fire rate. It also has good melee and it is better when playing a mid range or even a close range game.
Phoenix Arm
Phoenix Arm.png
This arm was made to look like the mighty Phoenix. It's standing constant fire rate is good and it goes twice as far as is dash charge shots. Its dash charge shots have decent power behind it and it has a small change to burn the target.

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