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Claws are one of the nine weapon classes found in the Nintendo 3DS game Kid Icarus: Uprising. While short in range, the Claw class provides a powerful combo to it's user. In aerial combat, Claws are not affected by the slowing effect of other weapons. They instead provide a boost of speed to Pit.

Tiger Claws
Tiger Claws.png
These are the standard variants of the class of Claws. They are said to strike with the accuracy of their namesake animal. These claws shot range is short and low in power but its speedy and has a good charge time. its melee is also average for this class
Wolf Claws
Wolf Claws.png
These Claws are engulfed in blazing flame, being said to glow like a wolf's fiery eyes. When Pit attacks with a dash attack using the Claws, they will home in on the enemy, an ability which most Claws do not have. Its range is shorter compared to the other claws but all the shots, including its melee, can set foes ablaze, dealing ongoing damage faster than poison.
Brawler Claws
Brawler Claws.png
The Brawler Claws are ironically Claw-less and resemble a typical human fist cloaked in a fighting glove. these claws are average in nearly all shots and the shot rage is average at best. Its melee is average also. Its truly shines as the weapon that gives the user the most speed out of ANY weapon.
Stealth Claws
Stealth Claws.png
To match the name, this pair of Claws is transparent and is good for sneak attacks! All the shots from these claws are invisible and these claws has a quick but somewhat weak melee attack.
Beam Claws
Beam Claws.png
The Beam Claws are plasma-beam Claws. These claws has more shot range compared to other claws in its class but its a bit on the weak side. Its melee is above average for the class too. The shots also do not weaken nor strengthen the farther they travel and do not have any homing to them.
Artillery Claws
Artillery Claws.png
The Artillery Claws are just as they appear to be - bullet Claws. These claws melee is the weakest of the class buts its shots travel lighting fast and do not lose no gain power the farther they travel. These claws have long range that rivals blades but it does not have any homing ability however...
Pandora Claws
These claws are based off of Pandora. They can hit enemies into the air with a very strong third melee combo attack unlike other claws. It's dash shots fire two separate attacks, and its backwards charged shot makes a large, creepy, defensive barrier.
Hedgehog Claws
This claws gives the user a big speed boost and it has the fastest constant fire shot speed in the game. These claws do not have any homing and its melee attack is weak too. At least you can fire off status ailments in a flash with these claws.
Raptor Claws
These menacing looking claws have strong melee good dash charge shot power. The charge time is a bit slow and the speed is average for the weapon class.
Bear claws
These claws have the strongest melee of the class but you have the speed of as an arm user. The dash charge shots are strong but they have limited reach. its constant fire its also strong for its class.
Viridi Claws
These claws actually have homing ability and can good chance to paralyze foes. It can maintain its constant fire for a long time, making status infliction a breeze. The dash shots are weak and its other shots don't home in as well as its dash charge shots.
Cancer Claws
These crab like claws gives the user a speed boost while using the standing constant fire. The melee is powerful and its shots can hover for a bit near foes.

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