Wrath of the Reset Bomb

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Wrath of the Reset Bomb is the twelth chapter in Kid Icarus: Uprising's story line. Following the previous chapter, Pit and Palutena decide to head to the Reset Bomb Depot to prevent Viridi from using any more Reset Bombs anywhere in the world.


[edit] Air Battle

Pit taking down the Reset Bomb

Pit is in the skies, where he and Palutena notices a battle going on between Viridi's Forces of Nature and Hades' Underworld Army. Also they discuss their plans on how to defeat Viridi. Palutena remarks that Viridi has plans to drop a Reset Bomb on more humans in a nearby area, so Pit decides to head to that location. After defeating some enemies, he spots the Reset Bomb descending onto its target, so Palutena quickly sends Pit near the bomb to destroy it. To disarm the bomb, Pit must quickly destroy the green targets on the bomb to remove the crown and expose the core, where he must then, deal damage to the core to disarm the bomb. Failing to destroy the bomb after a certain period of time will result in the failure of the mission and must start from a previous checkpoint.

Pit approaching the Reset Bomb Depot

After destroying the bomb, Palutena decides that their next destination should be the Reset Bomb Depot, where they should destroy the core and prevent the creation of any more Reset Bombs. After approaching the Reset Bomb Depot and defeating more enemies from both Viridi's and Hades' army, Pit prepares to land on the island.

[edit] Land Battle

Pit on the island of the Reset Bomb Depot

Pit starts out on the exterior of the island and must make his way to the center of the depot. In this area, Pit must continue making his way through of Viridi's and Hades' army. He also has to avoid the many electric walls throughout the outside portion of this depot. At some point, Pit will come across the first Cherubot vehicle of this stage, where he can utilize it to defeat enemies with ease.

Eventually, Pit will end up in the interior of the Reset Bomb Depot, where he will encounter some new enemies as well as the ones he fought outside the depot. The entire interior portion is made up of natural parts and is structured like a labyrinth, which can make it difficult to get around.

After making his way through the interior of the depot, Pit will reach a platform, taking him back outside, where he will have to go through a final wave of enemies. Pit is granted another Cherubot to utilize to his advantage. Once Pit finishes off the remaining enemies, he will reach an elevator that leads him to the Reset Bomb Pod.

[edit] Zodiac Chamber

In the interior section of the Reset Bomb Depot, after defeating the last set of enemies and revealing a platform that will take you back outside, head the opposite direction to reach another platform. It will lower you to the area where the Zodiac Chamber is located. The item you obtain from this chamber is the Virgo Palm.

[edit] Boss Battle

Pit at the core of the Reset Bomb Depot

Pit is at the center of the depot and must destroy the Reset Bomb Pod. At the same time, Pit must get through Viridi's guards. The pod is covered by a shell that must be destroyed by defeating her guards and knocking them into the pit below the pod, and the resulting explosion will remove the shell, exposing the pod. From there, Pit must attack the core, although if he fails to do so after a certain period of time, the shell will regenerate and Pit must defeat more of Viridi's guards to reveal the core once more. Eventually, he will deal enough damage, resulting in the pod's explosion and successfully preventing the creation of any more Reset Bombs.

[edit] Trivia

  • This is one of the very few Chapters that holds the Cherubot vehicle.

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