The Space-Pirate Ship

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The Space-Pirate Ship is the eight Chapter in Kid Icarus: Uprising's story line. It introduces the Space Pirates, as well as their Space-Pirate Ship, which this Chapter is centered on. Pit has to retrieve the stolen Three Sacred Treasure from the ship, in order to take on Medusa.


[edit] Air Battle

Pit starts off the aerial mission by heading higher into the skies. Palutena remarks that the Three Sacred Treasure Pit used to defeat Medusa in the past, is hidden in case of an emergency. The place she hid the item is in the constellations in space. She mentions that in space holds a Space-Pirate Ship, and the pirates aboard that ship are the ones who stolen the Three Sacred Treasure, thus they decide that their next destination would be the ship in order to retrieve back that item. They realize it's not an easy task due to the Underworld Army becoming aware of the situation and are currently attacking the ship.

Pit at the Galactic Sea

Eventually they will reach the Galactic Sea, where Pit and Palutena start their search for the Space-Pirate Ship. Pit battles more of the Underworld Army along the way. All of a sudden, the ship will appear and start to roam around the Galactic Sea at extreme speeds, while Pit gives chase. The Underworld Army are trying to invade, but the ship utilizes its many lasers to defeat all of them. Pit has to temporarily avoid the chaos, while Palutena looks for an opening in the ship, where the angel can enter, leading to the land portion.

[edit] Land Battle

Pit in the Space Pirate Ship

The land portion of this Chapter takes place on the Space-Pirate Ship. Pit will encounter new enemies throughout this stage, known as the Space Pirates, although he will also face the Underworld Army along the way. There are some unique rooms that Pit will pass by such as the generator room, which allows the ship to keep moving indefinitely, as long as it's in the Galactic Sea. Also he'll enter a room which holds all of the constellations that the Space Pirates have stolen. At the end, Pit will reach the elevator that will lead to the Space Pirate Captain.

[edit] Zodiac Camber

This Zodiac Chamber is in the constellation room. Use the jump pad to go onto the higher platform, then you'll see a path heading the opposite direction of where you need to go. Keep going down that path, then drop back to the ground level. You should see a door, which you can enter, leading to the chamber. The item you obtain from this chamber is the Cancer Claws.

[edit] Intensity Gates

This intensity gate is located before the constellation room and requires an intensity setting of 6.0. Right before entering the constellation room, you'll encounter the gate on your right. Inside the small room is a treasure chest that will give you a random item.

[edit] Boss Battle

Galactic Fiend Kraken

The boss of this Chapter is the Galactic Fiend Kraken, which is a large octopus creature that resides in the Galactic Sea. The Space Pirate Captain summoned him, but the Kraken ends up eating him unexpectedly.

For the first phase, you have to destroy all four of his tentacles, which will attack you if you take too long to deal damage. Only after you destroy all tentacles, will the head appear from underwater. In the second phase, you have to directly attack the head. The Kraken will use a variety of attacks at this point, such as a large beam he fires in different ways, a group of lasers it fires from its eyes, white energy balls he shoots from his mouth. If Pit is too close, the creature will slam his head onto the arena.

After successfully dodging the creature's attacks and defeat it, you will obtain the Three Sacred Treasure, allowing you to take on Medusa in the next Chapter: Medusa's Final Battle.

[edit] Trivia

  • Space-Pirates make their debut in this Chapter.

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