The Ring of Chaos

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The Ring of Chaos is the eighteenth chapter in Kid Icarus: Uprising's story line and it takes place in a town whose population has been wiped out. It also takes place three years after the previous Chapter. This is the only Chapter in which the player takes control of Magnus and two minor characters.


[edit] Land Battle

Magnus playable in this Chapter

The Chapter starts out with Pit waking up, realizing he has been turned into a ring. A girl appears and notices the ring, and decides to wear it, allowing Pit to control her body. After walking for a while, the girl trips and drops the ring. A dog immediately comes up and grab the ring with his mouth, allowing Pit to control the animal. Using its body, Pit enters a town where he witnesses Palutena's Army attacking the town. The dog eventually drops the ring, but fortunately, Magnus was nearby and decides to wear the ring, allowing Pit to control his body.

As Pit uses Magnus' body to battle his way through Palutena's Army, Magnus reveals to Pit that it's been three years since the conflict between Palutena's Army, Viridi's Forces of Nature, and Hades' Underworld Army. Palutena's Army disappeared all of a sudden after that war, then recently reappeared and unexpectedly started going after the humans along with Hades' Underworld Army.

Pit decides to try to find and reason with Palutena, and continues on in Magnus' body. He eventually get a glimpse of his own body, who's also destroying the town, and decides to pursue it. After making his way through Palutena's Army, Pit encounters his own body.

[edit] Zodiac Chamber

Right when you're about to approach the Hot Spring, turn left and follow the path which will lead you to the chamber. The item you obtain from this chamber is Aries Armor.

[edit] Boss Battle

Magnus against Pit's Body

The boss battle of this Chapter is Pit's Body, and the player must use Magnus, who's controlled by Pit, and defeat it. Pit's Body has a wide variety of attacks, both melee and ranged, which puts Magnus at a heavy disadvantage due to him being less mobile and lacking any ranged attacks. Also, with Magnus, the player has no access to any of the powers. The best strategy is to simply attack Pit's Body head on when it stops moving.

[edit] Air Battle

After defeating Pit's Body, Magnus puts the ring on Pit, causing the ring to shatter, returning Pit back to his body once again. Pit attempts to call Palutena multiple times to grant him the power of flight. After Pit starts flying, Viridi reveals that she's the one who granted him that power. She decides to assist Pit by leading him to Skyworld and search for Palutena. Viridi also explains how Skyworld was ruined due to the conflict between Palutena and Hades' army over the course of three years.

Chapter 18 Air Battle.png

Once Pit makes his way through all of the Centurions and other members of Palutena's army, he finally reaches the temple and encounters Palutena herself. Paluenta remarks how she's grown frustrated with assisting humans, as well as Pit himself, and attempts to attack him using parts of the floating islands that makes up Skyworld. Pit believes that she's being manipulated by someone. In the end he attempts to dive into the temple, but is pushed back by a barrier that Palutena had set up, therefore he retreats with Viridi.

[edit] Trivia

  • Unlike most Chapters, this one is structured differently, in that you start off with a Land Battle, followed by a Boss Battle, then finishing the stage off with an Air Battle.
  • This is one of two Chapters in which you play as a character besides Pit.

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