The Return of Palutena

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This Chapter marks the beginning of Kid Icarus: Uprising's story line. It introduces the typical chapter layout - Air Battle, Land Battle and Boss Battle (in that order). It also explains things such as controls and items for both Aerial and Ground, and serves as a large introduction to the story that continues through the rest of the game.


[edit] Air Battle

The introduction to the entire game has Pit, the main protagonist, flying through the skies speaking to Palutena. She begins explaining the basic controls to him while the angel attempts to take care of an army of Monoeyes. She then reveals that the main antagonist, Medusa, has returned once again, dragging the Underworld Army with her. This sends Pit into battle, and he encounters many monsters in the sky - from Monoeyes to Medusa herself (whom he does not engage in combat with...yet). He then continues to fly through the sky (possibly near Skyworld), grabbing items such as Recovery Orbs and the occasional Happy Trigger, to end up learning that the Underworld Army is attacking a town. Palutena guides Pit down to the town, where he begins his first Ground Battle.

[edit] Land Battle

The first Ground Battle in Kid Icarus: Uprising begins with Pit concealed in a tower-like area. He must rush forward to grab the food, then his real mission begins. Here, he is encountered by many enemies - Monoeyes, Snakes, Nettlers and many more. Palutena explains the Ground Battle controls as Pit runs around That First Town. He then learns about a large monster of the Underworld Army, one of Medusa's commanders, attacking the town from the Coliseum, launching large fireballs at the town. Pit has to rush to the Coliseum, remembering to pick up the Drink of the Gods that completely heals him on his way.

[edit] Intensity Gate

The Intensity Gate featured in Chapter 1 requires the Fiend's Cauldron's intensity level to be set at 5.0 or above. It is the first chapter to feature a Crawler inside the Intensity Gate - by normal means, they are first seen in Chapter 18 first. The enemies inside are the aforementioned Crawler and two Gyrayzers. When these enemies are defeated, a Treasure Chest and various food items appear to heal and reward Pit.

[edit] Boss Battle


The first Boss Battle of the game features Twinbellows, a large beast with multiple heads cloaked in fire. He doesn't want to let Pit go easily, and he shows it. From shooting fire at the angel to lunging at him with his large body, Pit definitely takes quite a bit of damage during the battle. However, due to Palutena's advice on "strafing", Pit remembers that he can definitely get out of there, and shoots the monster until he eventually explodes, which ends the chapter.

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