The Lightning Chariot

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The Lightning Chariot is the ninteenth chapter in Kid Icarus: Uprising's story line. After failing to enter Palutena's Temple in the previous Chapter, Pit, with Viridi's help, must search for the Lightning Chariot, by earning the trust of the Chariot Master, who is a well respected warrior.


[edit] Air Battle

Pit pursuing the Lightning Chariot

The Chapter begins with Pit flying close to ground level. The main enemies encountered in this Chapter are the Underworld Army. Viridi mentions how they will need the Lightning Chariot in order to break through the barrier that's currently preventing access into Palutena's Temple. She decribes how the Chariot is a vehicle that travels the galaxy at lightning speeds. The Chariot is located in space, therefore in order to obtain the vehicle before the Power of Flight runs out, Viridi sends Pit inside of an enormous cannon, which launches him into space in a short time period.

As Pit arrives in space, he gets a glimpse of the Lightning Chariot moving in different directions. The chariot eventually heads inside of a vortex and Pit pursues it. Hades suddenly appears in the conversation and states that he also wants the Lightning Chariot for his own reasons. Moments later, Pit arrives at the home of the Lightning Chariot, which is a large tower, where Viridi drops Pit off on the ground floor.

[edit] Land Battle

Pit inside the room with multiple pits

This portion of the Chapter has Pit climbing a very large tower. He has to progress through many rooms, each which makes up a floor. Each room consists of different enemies from the Underworld Army as well as unique obstacles. Some of the rooms which Pit will find himself in are:

  • a room with multiple Pits
  • a electric room where the floors electrify
  • a room where Pit must use the Jump Pads to avoid a large boulder heading in his direction
  • an ice room, where the entire floor is slippery. An Aether Ring is found in this room.
  • a room with multiple land mines
  • a wind room, where Pit must be careful not to get pushed off by the wind currents
  • a room with a large black boulder, which can be used as a bowling ball to destroy the enemies. The ball continues moving in different directions, so Pit must be careful not to run into it.
  • a room which requires use of the Exo Tank to progress
Pit, halfway through the tower

At this point, Pit will reach a room where he will have to shoot multiple targets to bring down the pillar. Afterwards, he must take out all of the Underworld Army, before being able to proceed through the remaining floors. The last rooms he will encounter are:

  • a maze room: Pit must get through the maze while avoiding the Underworld Army, as well as bottomless pits
  • a normal room where Pit must go through some of the tougher enemies of the Underworld Army
  • a room, in which Pit can use the Cherubot to take out more enemies
  • a room holding a hot spring.

After going through all of the rooms, Pit will reach the top of the tower leading to the boss battle.

[edit] Intensity Gate

The gate is located in the maze room and requires an intensity setting of 6.0. Inside the gate holds a Treasure Chest containing a random item.

[edit] Boss Battle

Pit vs The Chariot Master

Pit arrives at the top of the tower, where he sees a race track, as well as one of the unicorns that form the Lightning Chariot. Pit must ride that portion of the Chariot, while battling the Chariot Master on the race track. The Chariot Master launches a variety of electric projectiles, which can be difficult to avoid.

As Pit battles him, the Chariot Master explains how he once served someone as well, and actually lost his master. He mentions that his body has been waning ever since and all he has remaining is the Lightning Chariot.

After defeating him, the Chariot Master mentions how Pit has proven himself worthy and decides to pass the Lightning Chariot down to him. The Chariot Master passes on and Viridi tells Pit not to let his death be in vain. The two proceed back to Palutena's Temple, leading to the next Chapter.

[edit] Trivia

  • This Chapter holds one of the longest land battles of the game.
  • This Chapter uses all three vehicles of the game: Cherubot, Aether Ring, and Exo Tank.

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