Thanatos Rising

Thanatos Rising
Poster Art for Thanatos Rising
Main Protagonist Pit
Main Antagonist Thanatos
Producer Production I.G.
Episodes 3

Thanatos Rising is a three-episode mini-series in the Kid Icarus Anime featured on Nintendo Video for the Nintendo 3DS. It centers around Pit, the captain of Palutena's Centurian army, and Thanatos, the god of death.


[edit] Story

[edit] Part One

  • Released March 8, 2012 [NA]
  • Released March 17, 2012 [UK]

In the first part of Thanatos Rising, we are introduced to the god of death, Thanatos. He is seen taunting the human army and taking over the Trojan Horse they are using to attempt to stop him with the Underworld Army. After the human warriors launch boulders at him and his army in their attempt to stop him, Thanatos sends his army to the interior of the horse, directing them to take it over.

Nearby, Pit the angel gets contacted by Palutena, who asks him for his help. However, Pit doesn't know how he can get to Thanatos to stop him. Palutena lends him the power of flight, and Pit takes off torwards the warhorse, which ends the first episode.

[edit] Part Two

  • Released March 10, 2012 [NA]

The next part of Thanatos Rising sees Pit chasing down the Trojan Horse that Thanatos and the Underworld Army have taken over! After catching up to him, Pit realizes he needs to hide in order to save the city. To do so, he hides behind a large boulder, where Palutena contacts him and tells him of a way to catch up to and defeat Thanatos! She uses Palutena Vision to show Pit the path that Thanatos is taking (re-using their 8-Bit sprites from Kid Icarus), and to show Pit a secret path through a canyon that he can take to catch up to the god of death.

Pit travels through the canyon with Palutena guiding his flight path so he can focus on fighting through it. The Underworld Army halts his path however, and he must fight with his weapons against them. A scout from the army goes to Thanatos and reports that Pit is attempting to stop him, which causes Thanatos to cause a large avalanche inside the canyon. He then fires a boulder hurling towards the city, ending the episode on a cliffhanger.

[edit] Part Three

  • Released March 13, 2012 [NA]

The final part of Thanatos Rising has Pit squaring off against Thanatos to save the city! After Thanatos attempts to trap Pit, he hurls a large boulder towards the city, threatening to crush it and flatten all of the people and buildings. However, Pit carefully maneuvers out of the avalanche of boulders from the crack in the mountain and strikes the boulder, successfully destroying it. Afterwards, Thanatos escapes into the large Trojan Horse that his Underworld Army has seized, and Pit follows carefully in pursuit.

As Pit flies through the inside of the large mechanized warhorse, he carefully fights off the Underworld Army that tries to halt him in his path to Thanatos. When he reaches the god of death himself, Thanatos has a few tricks up his sleeves, or as he puts it, his shoes. He almost destroys Pit until the angel tricks him and makes the Trojan Horse crash down on top of Thanatos causing his demise, though does survive to be in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Pit is then seen talking with Palutena in a very happy ending, after which Thanatos appears and comically yells 'Rage Quit' before flying away with many Monoeyes.

Voice Actors
Anthony Del Rio Pit
Ali Hillis Palutena
Danny Mann Thanatos
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