Thanatos as seen in Kid Icarus: Uprising
Gender Male / God
First Appearance Kid Icarus (1986)
Most Recent Appearance Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)
Alignment Underworld Army

Thanatos is the god of death and Medusa's right hand man, and later one of Hades' commanders. He actually holds a key to the underworld, which is later taken from him by Pit and Palutena during Chapter 7: The Seafloor Palace.

His original name is Tanatos, and is originally called this at first by Palutena in Kid Icarus: Uprising, before he corrects her by saying he goes by the name of Thanatos now, adding a 'h' to it which apparently stands for 'hamayzing'.


[edit] Powers

Thanatos is a shape-shifter and can change into anything from a bat to a huge foot as shown during his boss battle. His original 'look' was of a snake in Medusa's hair called Tanatos.

He is also the god of death, but gave up his 9-to-5 job of guiding the spirits of the dead to their final resting place after he got bored of it, and handed the responsibilities to the Reaper's.

[edit] Personality

He has an eccentric and a camp-as-christmas personality, despite him being the god of death. He is shown to like to make humorous conversations and jokes, even with enemies like Pit. Pit can't tell if Thanatos is just weird or dim, due to his strange actions, such as when he is covering his ears and making barks and other strange sounds to avoid one of Palutena's questions.He also seems to be sensitive, easily getting offended during times like when he is ignored.

[edit] Kid Icarus

Thanatos appeared in Kid Icarus as a long snake called Tanatos, that rested in Medusa's hair. He is a large part of the boss battle against her, leaping from Medusa's head to attack Pit.

[edit] Kid Icarus: Uprising

In Chapter 7: The Seafloor Palace, Palutena sends Pit to the sea to steal the key to the Underworld form Thanatos, who lives in a palace underwater. Upon arriving at the palace, Thanatos gives Pit and Palutena a very warm welcome telling them how lonely its been living in an impenetrable fortress. He begins to go into a long chat about how he's been and how he has changed his name but Pit soon quiets him, which greatly offends Thanatos.

As Pit battles his way through the palace, Thanatos tries making conversation with him and Palutena, oblivious to their feelings of annoyance to him. At one point Palutena asks Thanatos, if he is the god of the dead, why he doesn't outrank Medusa in the Underworld, which is the land of the dead. He merely states however that he does not care to climb the corporate ladder, and that the Underworld does not have a strict hierarchy. When Palutena states that this wasn't a straight answer, he begins making noises and covering his ears to avoid the question, most likely because he actually does outrank Medusa, but telling them this would reveal Hades, his true master.

After entering into his chamber, Pit finds Thanatos only awakening, falling to sleep in his wait for Pit. He battles Pit in his many forms, including a bat with extremely bad bat noises. He is eventually defeated though, and leaves behind his key to the Underworld, used by Pit to later destroy Medusa.

He later reappears during Chapter 14: Lightning Battle, having been revived by Hades due to his very good health insurance, and is fighting in the sky one of Viridi's commanders, Phosphora. Thanatos takes on the form of a glow dragon, similar in shape to his original Tanatos form. Thanatos' body can be seen in the head of the dragon, meaning it is not a true transformation but merely an aura. Thanatos fights well against Phosphora but is eventually defeated early in the chapter, in which his aura dissipates and he falls beneath the cloud layer, presumably to his second death.

[edit] In Battle in Kid Icarus

[edit] In Battle in Kid Icarus: Uprising

Thanatos is the boss of chapter 7: The Seafloor Palace and is a "Skilled chameleon" as Palutena calls him. He has many different 'forms' in this battle, each with different weaknesss and attacks. Here's the brief rundown:

Main Form Thanatos begins and ends the battle like this. This is his most basic form, and both you and Thanatos can damage freely. His attacks include firing a barrage of small, fast, purplish shots as he floats around, and can be avoided with a simple dodge. He has a slightly stronger attack; shooting a cursed, bullet like projectile that can cause weakening status. With its homing ability, several dodges may be needed.

Sword Form Thanatos transforms into a weapon that resembles Magnus's, along with several floating spears. The spears can thrust into the ground, and get in the way of your shots as the sword comes to slash at Pit. You can damage the sword with any attack. Dodge with good timing, then space yourself and continue your assault.

Doll Form Thanatos morphs into a Russian doll, the kind that when shot, another smaller doll pops out and so on, and they can quickly swarm you if you don't keep your distance. Fire at their red centers until a mini Thanatos pops out. After a couple of shots he will morph out.

Bat Form In this form, Thanatos can fly around and can attack by shooting sonic waves or by dispersing into a could of tiny bats that chase Pit for several seconds until they merge again. Don't bother trying to deal damage during this move.

Foot Form This form is pretty easy to deal with. It's basically an Atlas Foot, but of a Thanatos variety. It will float towards you at a decent speed, attempting a flurry stomps when overhead. It's a big target, so retreat with backward shots until it comes close, then begin dodging and repeat the process.

Vase Form Thanatos turns into a vase that is impervious to all of the player's attacks, and is one of the more annoying forms to deal with. The only way to force him out is use melee attacks on the skulls he shoots to rebound them, dealing damage.. Don't melee the red skulls or they'll burst, causing minor fire damage.

The number of transformations Thanatos goes through increases along with the intensity level. Once he's had enough, he'll revert to standard form, fight for a little while longer to finish him off.

Afterwards, he'll drop a mysterious gem, which is the key to the Underworld.

[edit] Kid Icarus Anime

In the anime shorts, Thanatos is the central villain of three consecutive ones, together known as Thanatos Rising. During the shorts, he and his Underworld forces attack a human army, taking control of one of its Trojan Horse-like walkers.

Pit chases Thanatos into the insides of the horse, and causes it to collapse on them both. Pit survives the encounter, as does Thanatos, who reappears after the credits yelling "RAGE QUIT" comically before flying away with many Monoeyes.

[edit] Transformations

  • The snake form Tanatos
  • A Magnus Club with many spears around it.
  • A Russian doll with many layers, with a miniature Thanatos inside.
  • A huge floating foot that perfectly resembles the item Atlas Foot.
  • A bat, with bad impressions of bat noises.
  • A large vase that fires out skulls.
  • A glow dragon, with Thanatos seeable in the head of the aura.
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