Staffs are one of the nine weapon classes that appear in the Nintendo 3DS game Kid Icarus: Uprising. It is a strong long range weapon with a unique ability allowing it to shoot enemies from extreme distances. When used in close combat, the user will use the staff itself as a weapon.

[edit] Appearance and Abilities

Insight Staff
Insight Staff.png
This is the basic variant of the Staff class of weapons. This Staff has a spear-point at the end, and seems to be able to deal quite a bit of damage. It is featured in the Multiplayer trailer for Kid Icarus: Uprising. Its the most balanced of the staffs with decent range and power.
Ancient Staff
Ancient Staff.png
This Staff has a red orb encased in its upper half.This Staff has a small, pink symbol that constantly orbits around it. The shots from this staff can hang in the air for long periods of time and can paralyze! However, this staff slows you down the most out of ANY weapon without considering modifiers. The shots from this weapon actually does more damage if your opponent runs into it rather than getting shot by it so think about where the opponent is going be at before you shot.
Laser Staff
This staff has the longest range in its class and the second longest of all weapons. Even its continuous fire can reach 85m. None of its shot gain or lost strength over distance, and all dash charge shots are consistent too, so this weapon is good at any range. However, this staff charges slowly and its maximum damage isn't as high as some other staffs.
Knuckle Staff
The Knuckle staff has a quality that no other weapons of its kind has; Melee over Range. In addition, this staff has a short range, not so stellar charge time, and its shots are weaker from far away. Its shot do hefty damage up close though.
Orb Staff
The Orb Staff has lots of pros and cons. This staff has good melee for its class, large shot size, and its strength doesn't vary as much as other staffs over distance. On the flip side, its knockback and power aren't great, and it has a very limited range. (Less than 70m)
Dark Pit Staff
This staff is used by Dark Pit in some areas of Chapter 6. Its charged shots power is dynamically affected by distance, dealing 4x the damage at maximum range than at the closest shooting distance. It's continuous fire lacks range, so this weapon is best used at a distance.
Thanatos Staff
This staff is a very mysterious weapon, whose attacks are based off of the God of Death himself. Its continuous fire shoots bats, the charged shots fires his weakening attack, (doesn't cause weakening, but is powerful) and this staff's backward charge shot summons a large skull that cancels out most shots.
Rose Staff
This beautiful and fragrant staff has one of the shortest charge speeds of its class. It has good power and it fires many shots when using its constant fire but they travel a bit slow for its class. The range is good for this class too.
Lancer Staff
This powerful staff is stronger the closer you are to your foe. It has a quick charge time for a staff but the shots are slow. This staff might get weaker the farther it travels but its not by much at all. Its melee is better than most weapons of its class.
Flintlock Staff
This old fashioned staff is among the strongest weapons in the a distance. Its has a long charge time but it is well worth it in the end. The shots move super fast too! Just use the melee in special situations only because it is the weakest in the game.
Somewhat Staff
This weird as heck staff is odd indeed. It functions like a blade because its shots are stronger the closer you are and it has limited range.You still move like a staff user though. Also the staff is alive. That's right, it lives...
Scorpio Staff
This staff is infused with poison and will last depending on what shot is used. The shot range is a bit short for its class but it packs a punch. The constant fire launches shots in small bursts and the weapon boosts he users speed.

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