Scorched Feathers

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Scorched Feathers is the twenty-second Chapter in Kid Icarus: Uprising's story line and it features Dark Pit, who's the only playable character in this Chapter. Dark Pit, Palutena, and Viridi attempt to save Pit by bringing him to the Rewind Spring in the City of Souls, held inside of the Underworld.


[edit] Plot

Dark Pit decides to repay Pit after being saved by him from the Chaos Kin in the previous Chapter, so he, Palutena, and Viridi decide to head to the City of Souls in the Underworld and dip Pit's Body in the Rewind Spring, which is known to restore someone back to their original state.

Dark Pit encounters Hades

Once they encounter Hades in the City of Souls, he reveals that he's been using souls, including those form his own Underworld Army, to create monsters and consuming them himself. Therefore, the more lives that are taken, the stronger the Uunderworld Army would become. Dark Pit, Palutena, and Viridi disapprove how countless lives are being thrown away and agree to work together to stop Hades. They point out how Pit is needed to defeat Hades, so they continue on to the Rewind Spring.

[edit] Air Battle

Dark Pit making his way through the Underworld Army

Due to this Chapter lacking a Ground section, minus the boss battle, this Air Battle is much more lengthy in comparison to the other Chapters. Dark Pit battles exactly like Pit and has access to all of his abilities. The enemies Dark Pit faces in this Chapter are Hades' Underworld Army and they appear in larger numbers. As he make his way through the Underworld, Dark Pit encounters a soul eating monster, which he must defeat, to prevent any more souls from being devoured. When Dark Pit arrives in the City of Souls, he encouters Hades', who attempts to attack, but misses. The Air Battle ends with Dark Pit finally reaching the Rewind Spring.

[edit] Boss Battle

Amazon Pandora

The boss of this Chapter is Pandora and it takes place at the Rewind Spring. The first phase of the fight is fought similarly to her boss battle in Chapter 5: Pandora's Labyrinth of Deceit. After she goes down, she will transfer into her human form, known as Amazon Pandora.

Amazon Pandora gains access to new attacks, most of them being long ranged. Some of her attacks consists of bombs, which can be reflected back towards her, and shooting heart-shaped like projectiles. There are two Treasure chests that appear in the arena, but they are fake and will shoot out projectiles, dealing damage to Dark Pit. Pandora also gains the ability to teleport throughout the arena. Halfway through this phase, Pandora will go down as if she's defeated, but will rise moment's later saying 'Just kidding!' Once she stops moving, you can easily land hits on Pandora, eventually defeating her.

After defeating Amazon Pandora, Drak Pit dips Pit into the Rewind Spring, restoring his power. Palutena grants Pit the Power of Flight and they return to Skyworld, while Viridi retrieves Dark Pit, who jumps off the platform of the spring, not realizing he can't fly.

[edit] Trivia

  • This is one of two Chapters in which you play as someone besides Pit. Also, this is the only Chapter in which Pit is not a playable character. Dark Pit is used throughout this Chapter.
  • Minus the Boss Battle, this stage only consists of an Air Battle, due to Dark Pit's unlimited ability to fly.

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