Pit as seen in Kid Icarus: Uprising
Gender Male
First Appearance Kid Icarus (1986)
Most Recent Appearance Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)
Alignment Angels

Pit is the main protagonist of the Kid Icarus series. His first appearance was Kid Icarus in 1986, followed by Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters in 1991. Pit did not appear once again as a main character until Super Smash Bros. Brawl seventeen years later. His most recent appearance is Kid Icarus: Uprising on the Nintendo 3DS.

Pit has a very close relationship with the Goddess of Light Palutena. He is her angel servant and the captain of her royal guards due to his skills in battle. He always has his Bow and arrows by his side in order to head into battle with the Underworld Army.


[edit] Background Information

Pit is an angel of Palutena. He has grown up throughout the games, being featured in Kid Icarus as a young angel and further games as a teenage angel. As an angel, he has the staple symbol; large, white wings. However, these wings are incapable of flight until Palutena shares the ability with Pit. Even then, he can only fly for five minutes before stops flying and he burns up due to overuse of the power. In Kid Icarus: Uprising and the Kid Icarus Anime featured on Nintendo Video, Palutena is seen to be guiding Pit's flight path while he fights with the monsters from the Underworld Army.

Originally, Pit's only weapon was his bow and arrows. However, he has become skilled in many different weapons, using things like the Claws and the Cannon in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Despite his young appearance, he is able to manage massive weapons that cover his entire arm.

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Kid Icarus

Pit's first appearance was in the Nintendo game, Kid Icarus. He started off trapped in the Underworld attempting to save Palutena, who had been imprisoned. To do so, he was sent off to gather the Three Sacred Treasures, which could stop the goddess of the Underworld, Medusa, and save Angel Land. His journey consists of travels through the various areas of Angel Land.

If the player gets the best ending in this game, they will see a romantic scene between Palutena and Pit after he saves her. However, this has not been touched on again, and they have only been shown to be good friends and comrades. It should also be noted that this ending is only in the English release, replacing the Japanese version's worst ending, where Palutena turns Pit into a Specknose.

[edit] Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters

Pit as seen in Of Myths and Monsters

In Pit's first appearance on a handheld system, the Gameboy, he once again had to protect Angel Land from an invasion of demons that Palutena sees in her foresight. To stop Orcos, their leader, Pit must once again unite the Three Sacred Treasures that Palutena had entrusted to her fortress guardians in a dire situation.

[edit] Kid Icarus: Uprising

Pit's next main series appearance doesn't happen for another twenty-one years, when he appears on the Nintendo 3DS in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Medusa has been revived by her Underworld minions, and Pit is gifted with the Power of Flight from Palutena to defeat her and stop the Underworld Army. He now has access to many new weapons alongside his bow, including Claws, Staffs, Palms, Orbitars, Arms, Clubs, and Blades.

Pit's model in Kid Icarus Uprising is based off of Super Smash Bros Brawl. In this game, Pit is voiced by a different actor named Antony Del Rio.

[edit] Other Appearances

[edit] Super Smash Bros Brawl

Pit is a playable character and available at the start in Super Smash Bros Brawl. His main weapon is called The Sacred Bow of Palutena, which is actually two blades combined. He can separate them or unite them at will for use in battle.

Pit appears in the Subspace Emissary and decides to go after the Subspace Army after witnessing an evasion. He teams up with Mario and eventually all of the other Brawl fighters to take down Tabuu at the end of the game.

Pit's Special Moves consists of:

  • Standard Special - Palutena's Arrow: The arrows from Pit's Bow lets out a beam of light, in which players can control the curves of their trajectory.
  • Side Special - Angel Ring: Pit spins his bow damaging any foe that approaches it, as well as deflect any projectiles.
  • Up Special - Wings of Icarus: Pit's wings glow blue and is temporarily granted the ability to fly.
  • Down Special - Mirror Shield: This shield reflects all projectiles and cause more damage towards an opponent.
  • Final Smash - Palutena's Army: An image of Palutena appears in the background. Pit calls on the army of Centurions to attack his opponents.

There is a stage represented by Pit / Kid Icarus series called Skyworld, which is based off of the original games. This stage consists of many breakable platforms, which are held up by the clouds.

Pit debuted with a voice in this game, provided by Lani Manella.

[edit] Super Smash Bros 3DS/Wii U

Pit is confirmed to be returning in the upcoming installment Super Smash Bros for 3DS/Wii U, which will be releasing in 2014.

Pit will use weapons from Kid Icarus Uprising, such as the Upperdash Arm and Guardian Orbitars.

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