Pandora's Labyrinth of Deceit

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Pandora's Labyrinth of Deceit is the fifth chapter in Kid Icarus: Uprising's story line. This Chapter features the return of the villain, Pandora, the goddess of calamity. Dark Pit also debuts at the very end of this Chapter.


[edit] Air Battle

Pit inside the dimensional rift, leading to Pandora's Labyrinth

Pit starts out in the clear skies and Palutena remarks how the Reapers did a good job hiding the entrance to Pandora's labyrinth. Moments later, a rift opens, and Palutena pulls Pit inside, leading to the labyrinth. In this rift, Pit goes through multiple vortexes and hallways, some leading to many dead ends, as depicted by the title of the Chapter. Pit also encounter many enemies, all which can randomly disappear and reappear in another location almost instantaneously. Throughout the Chapter, Pit also goes through illusions such as a recreation of a portion of Chapter 1 and going through a section in space. After getting through many of the hallways and illusions, Pit finally lands and take on the labyrinth on foot.

[edit] Land Battle

Pit in Pandora's Labyrinth

With the land portion, Pit has to make his way through the labyrinth to reach Pandora. Many of rooms are filled illusions and traps. One of the rooms consist of many trap doors and one correct door. Another room has Pit slowing down as he runs towards the next door. There are also many moving walls that uncover areas for Pit to access. Finally there are multiple areas, in which Pit has to utilize the Exo Tank vehicle to progress through the labyrinth. Pandora awaits at the end of the labyrinth.

[edit] Intensity Gates

There are two Intensity Gates located in this Chapter, both being in the same room.

In the room with the trampolines, about halfway through, the gate will be on the right. It requires an intensity of 4.0 to enter. In the room, are three Treasure Chests, although only one can be selected as the other two will disappear. The left chest contains a random weapon, the middle chest contains a Mimicutie, and the right chest contains food items.

The second Intensity Gate is below the trampolines and requires an intensity of 8.0 to enter. Inside, is one Treasure Chest containing a random item. In the room, you'll also see an image from the original Kid Icarus NES game.

[edit] Boss Battle

Pit battling Pandora

The boss encountered in this Chapter is Pandora. Her main ability is to teleport throughout the arena. You can attack her directly, but the most effective way of damaging her is to wait for Pandora to shoot bombs out of her mouth, and melee those bombs back towards her. Her other attacks consists of fireballs, inhaling you, and attacking you from underground. After you deal a good amount of damage, a cutscene will play.

Pit breaks the Mirror of Truth, creating Dark Pit

Pandora will pretend to surrender and Palutena tells Pit to break the Mirror of Truth. Unfortunately, breaking the mirror results in the birth of Dark Pit. Pandora mentions how she planned this idea from the beginning, but to her surprise, Dark Pit betrays her and fight alongside Pit. The boss battle resumes although, Pandora is defeated very easily moments later. Dark Pit kicks Pit out of the way for having similar looks, absorbs Pandora's remains, allowing him to power up, then he exits the arena.

[edit] Trivia

The aerial portion makes a reference to the Star Fox series, such as the hallways being based on the structure of the Star Fox SNES game, and an illusion that puts Pit into space.

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