Palutena's Revolting Feast

[edit] Part 1

In part one, Palutena is making carrots better by adding a potion to them that makes them look better. She warns Pit that if you put too much in, they'll turn evil. The Goddess unwittingly pours in the whole container and the carrots come alive, but Palutena had sent Pit to go pick some foods. Palutena was running through her temple with a madhouse of evil carrots chasing her. The carrots turn on these stoves to full heat. Palutena is chased out of her house by the evil carrots.

[edit] Part 2

Palutena is taking a bath when a carrot throws a bottle at her and runs away. She chases it and it leads her to an army of vegetables. The vegetables combine to make a giant vegetable monster. As some small vegetables at her they touch the water and become inanimate. She realizes that the water washes of the potion. She then makes it rain washing away the monster.

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