The Palm is one of the nine weapon classes that makes its debut in the Nintendo 3DS game, Kid Icarus: Uprising. Appearing as a tattoo around Pit's right hand, it is unique among the weapon classes due to it's lack of a material form. The Palm shares a similar attack style to the Blade weapon archetype due to its ability to shoot both charged and rapid fire shots.

Violet Palm
Violet Palm.png
This is the basic variant of the Palm class of weapons. Its special ability is to gather energy in the form of a rainbow aura and use it to follow enemies, similar to a tracking device. The continuous fire fires many shots that home in of the target. Its charge shots are decent also and they have good homing. Its has average range however.
Moonlight Palm
Moonlight Palm.png
This palm resembles a celestial glove with moons, shadows, and an overall dark theme. Its attack launches crescent moon-shaped projectiles towards the enemy. These are slow to fire, but powerful. A charged version of this attack produces a large full moon that is launched towards the enemy, dealing more damage. Most of the shots from this palm has a strong chance to cancel out shots and its backwards dash charge shot acts like a sheild.
Pudgy Palm
Shots from this palm resemble small balloons. It has a significantly short charge time with excellent homing ability. Its backward-dash charged shot overwhelms any other. Its standing continuous fire is like the its basic variant but its doesn't fire many shots during dash constant fire. This palm also fires a row of 3 bubbles when backwards contstant fire is used
Great Reaper Palm
Reaper palm.png
This palm looks like it was taken directly from a reaper. This palm has the unique ability to weaken foes; something that no other weapon has without mods. It takes a while to charge and the reapettes it fires get weaker the longer they travel. Those reapettes sometimes hit multiple times, racking up the damage.
Burning Palm
This fiery palm's charge shot is literally a floating, fiery palm. This palm can also burn targets, doing more damage over time than poison. The melee is the best out of any palm but the palm has short range and charge time that is a bit on the long side for the class,
Cursed Palm
This ominous palm's melee attack rivals the burning palm in terms of strength. Its charge shots get weaker the farther they travel but the shots has considerable homing ability.
Needle Palm
This palm fires a horde of large needles at the foe. its homing ability is low for this class but the shots have speed to back it up. The shots hardly change in strength the farther it goes.
Ninja Palm
This palm can be a real monster if you are unaware of its abilites! This palm has a short charge time, the forward and side dash charge shots are very quick, and it makes the user quicker! Its melee is the 3rd strongest in the class. The bad news is that this palm has somewhat low power, small range and some of its shots don't home that well, or at all.
Cutter Palm
This palm fires wind rings at foes. The charge time is a bit long but sometimes its worth it. Its backwards dash charge shot has one of the best homing in the class, comparable to the angel bow.
Aurum Palm
Made using Aurum tech, this palm's charge time is unbelievable. Its around 1 per second making this palm one of the fastest in the game. If you use the quick charge power, you can actually spam charge shots just by mashing the fire button over and over and OVER. Too bad this palm doesn't have much power and it has the worse homing of the class. The side dash constant fire shots fast moving shoots in a wide, organized form.
Virgo Palm
Virgo palm.jpg
This palm has the best range out of all the palms. The unique ability this palm has is that the shots actually GROW the farther they travel! Its shots are a tad weak but its strongest shot is the backwards dash charge shot. That shot is gigantic in size and you might have thought the shot it came from a club or another large weapon.
Viridi Palm
Viridi palm icon.png
This literally screams "ALL HAIL VIRIDI" on it. The palm constant fire, both dash and standing, fires a barrage of hearts that are just aiming to kiss your cheek. The head is actually where the shots from this palm are the strongest. Its dash shots deal numerous hits that also deal the most damage if it hits the head.

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