Orbitars are one of nine weapon classes found in the Nintendo 3DS game, Kid Icarus: Uprising. This weapon consists of two orb shaped objects that float above Pit's shoulders. When used, the Orbitars will fire two shots at enemies. Unlike other weapon classes, the Orbitars will not slow Pit down when used while he is flying.

Standard Orbitars
Standard Orbitars.png
These are the standard variants of the class of Orbitars. They appear similar to basic blue crystal balls, but have a hypnotic feel to the appearance.Everything is basic about them in terms of abilites.
Guardian Orbitars
Guardian Orbitars.png
These shield-shaped Orbitars seem to be reflections of each other. They can unleash a large similar-shaped wall of energy that blocks any incoming projectiles from hitting Pit. The dash charge shots from these orbitars has the highest chance of canceling out shots out of ALL weapons. These are often used as support weapons for teams or for mounting a defense.
Shock Orbitars
Shock Orbitars.png
These small Orbitars resemble little green balls with orange wings to fly around. With their special power, Pit can fire electric waves and occasionally paralyze enemies that they come in contact with. Shots from these have good homing but short range.
Paw Orbitars
Paw Orbitars.png
These Orbitars resemble the paws of two different cats. When these are shot, they slap the enemy in the face. These were possibly inspired by the recently released game, nintendogs + cats. Nearlly all of the shots from these will bounce off the ground in order to extend its shot range. The shots also force the foe back, perfect for knocking opponents out of some arenas. Warning though, the slipshot power will make these nearly useless.
Orbitars: Gemini
Orbitars Gemini.png
The Orbitars: Gemini were inspired by the constellation of stars, Gemini. The charge shots sometimes split apart and go off in different directions. They also have good homing but short range. The backwards constant fire launches lots of small shots in a random spread, which is somewhat good for defence.
Jetstream Orbitars
These cool looking orbitars do not have any homing ability but they are strong. They also have the ability to send the foe flying straight in the air, without triggering the defense bonus one usually gets when they are sent into the air. The forward and the backwards dash constant fire are quick and are mostly used to catch a fleeing foe.
Boom Orbitars
These orbitars bounce along the ground and force opponents back just like the paw pad orbitars. They have the best range and melee power out of all orbitars but you will be surprised how super slow you go while in constant fire(not dash).
Aurum Orbitars
The product of of aurum, these orbitars constant shots are fast, but has short shot range and no homing. Its dash charge shots has good power to them. Its most powerful, and slowest, shot is the backwards charge shot.
Centurion Orbitars
Looking like soldiers from Palutena's army, these orbitars has considerable attack power in range. It does not fire many shots during a dash charge shot but they have good range. The charge shots have good homing but they are best in close combat.
Arlon Orbitars
These orbitars look like much smaller copies of the lunar sanctum. These have the longest range of the class. Its standing constant fire launches rings while the charge shots shots energy balls. The backwards dash constant fire fires one ring that counts as 2 hits while the backwards dash charge shot can go through foes and hit others.
Fairy Orbitars
These fairies has the fastest charge time out of all weapons and they have a chance to confuse, something that makes these different from other weapons. The shots are weak but they have good range and they get stronger the farther they travel.
Eyetrack orbitars
These Egyptian orbitars are growing more infamous throughout the online community mostly because of its good homing, charge speed, and the powers used to go along with it(slip shot, quick charge, etc.) The charge shots have little power and they can be canceled out easily by nearly all weapons, sometimes by a standing constant fire shot(if the weapon has a high innate shot canelation value) Its backwards dash constant fire is strong and it actually fires shots in an arc. Do to its potential, you might be a main target if you play on free for all with these.

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