Medusa's Final Battle

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Medusa's Final Battle is the ninth Chapter in Kid Icarus: Uprising's story line. After Pit retrieved the Three Sacred Treasure from the previous Chapter: The Space-Pirate Ship, he automatically equips it for this Chapter, destroying the Underworld forces with ease. This Chapter features the final battle between Pit and Medusa.


[edit] Air Battle

Pit battling against the Underworld Gatekeeper

This Chapter starts off with Pit making his way through the Underworld towards Medusa's castle, where she awaits for Pit. Throughout this aerial section, he encounters many new enemies, but can easily be defeated due to the Three Sacred Treasure that Pit's currently equipped with. Even the Ornes, in which Pit attacks are ineffective against, can be defeated with the Three Sacred Treasure.

After clearing the enemies, Pit spots Medusa's castle within the distance and also encounters Dark Pit. Dark Pit shares the goal of eliminating Medusa's forces, so he decides to temporarily help Pit. As they reach the entrance to Medusa's castle, the Underworld Gatekeeper appears before them, and they have to defeat it, in order to proceed into the castle. Pit's attacks, even with the Three Sacred Treasure, are shown to be ineffective on the miniboss. Therefore, Dark Pit appears and easily defeats it due to a powerful kick, allowing Pit to proceed into the castle, thus leading to the Land portion.

[edit] Land Battle

Pit's Three Sacred Treasure

The Land portion of this Chapter takes place inside of Medusa's castle. Pit is in a room with a hot spring and three doors, each of them with their respective statue in front of it. The three statues represent the bosses(Twinbellows, Hewdraw, and Pandora) that were encountered earlier in the game. Pit must enter each of the doors, which leads to him playing a segment of a previous Chapter, followed by one of the three bosses. This portion of the Chapter utilizes the game's three vehichles(Exo Tank, Aether Ring, and Cherubot).

Pit inside Medusa's Castle

After successfully making his way through the three rooms and defeating the bosses, a new path opens, which Pit must battle his way through, in order to reach Medusa. Pit encounters even more new enemies, but no one that's impossible to defeat, due to the Three Sacred Treasure. There are plenty of traps that Pit encounters throughout the stage, such as grinding rails that send Pit into a bottomless pit, as well as the fake treasure chests, which consists of projectiles and some that turn out to be Mimicuties. At the end, is a dangerous enemy known as the Tempura Wizard, who can turn you into a shrimp tempura. If that occurs, you will have to temporarily avoid the Tempura Wizard, since he will attempt to eat you, leading to instant death. After getting past all of the enemies, Medusa awaits at the center of the castle.

[edit] Boss Battle

Pit battling Medusa

The boss of this Chapter is Medusa, and it's an aerial battle.

The first phase starts off with Medusa knocking Pit away, where he will have to make his way towards her while avoiding the projectiles Medusa tosses his way. When Pit gets close to Medusa, she will start to teleport throughout the arena, while tossing more projectiles. During this time, Pit can attack Medusa. If Pit fails to deal damage to Medusa after a certain amount of time, Medusa will force Pit away once more, repeating the process.

During the second phase, Palutena uses her power to keep Medusa's leg in place, allowing Pit to freely attack her. Medusa shoots fire from her eyes, as well as the same projectiles from her first phase, which Put must avoid.

Medusa's True Form

In Medusa's final phase, she rages and transforms into a monster, who then detaches her head from her body and starts to fly towards Pit. Medusa's main attacks in this phase consists of fiery projectiles, as well as laser beams from her eye. Medusa is very mobile, which can make attacking her very difficult. After dealing enough damage to Medusa, she will fly back and reattach to her body, allowing Pit to deal the final blow.

[edit] Epilogue

After the boss battle, Medusa disintegrates, her castle starts to vanish, and the credits start to play, while Pit and Palutena comment on how they managed to save the world. Moments later, Hades interrupts the credits and reveals himself as the God of the Underworld and is the one responsible for the invasion. He promises to be a bigger threat than Medusa, thus the game continues.

[edit] Trivia

  • This Chapter utilizes all 3 of the game's vehicles.
  • This is one of two chapters, in which the boss battle is an aerial battle, with the other one being Chapter 25: The War's End.

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