Kid Icarus Anime

Kid Icarus Anime
Release Date(s) March 12, 2012 Pit
March 16, 2012 Medusa
Producers Production I.G. Pit
Shaft Palutena
STUDIO4°C Medusa

The Kid Icarus Anime is a series of six film shorts on Nintendo Video for the Nintendo 3DS. It features the three main characters of the series - Pit, Palutena and Medusa, each with a different studio producing them. Pit's story is featured in three episodes, Palutena's in two and Medusa's in one. It is part of Nintendo's goal to give wanting fans the resurrection of the Kid Icarus series that they have been asking for.


[edit] Series Breakdown

[edit] Thanatos Rising

In Thanatos Rising, the god of death, Thanatos, has once again risen to try and take over a nearby city. However, with Palutena's assistance, Pit is able to stop him and save the people of the city. This is the only part of the series done with CGI rendering instead of an anime format.

[edit] Medusa's Revenge

In Medusa's Revenge, the main character is Medusa. This series explains her background; her past and her rivalry with Palutena. Medusa's Revenge is the shortest of the three sub-series, lasting only one episode.

[edit] Palutena's Revolting Feast

This series is the more comical series of the three, featuring Palutena and her Royal Army fighting an invading vegetable race.

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