Heads of the Hewdraw

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This is 3rd chapter of Kid Icarus: Uprising. It features the first air battle miniboss that Pit will come across in the game, Hewdraw.


[edit] Air Battle

Many common enemies such as Monoeyes appear immediately after Pit starts the chapter. Palutena will then explain a few more basic controls and concepts of the game, such as using special attacks to clear a wave of enemies and remove enemy fire briefly.

[edit] Miniboss: Hewdraw

Whilst in the sky, Pit must defeat Hewdraw. He needs to avoid all 3 heads' fire whilst dealing damage to them. Once all 3 heads are gone, Palutena will reveal that Hewdraw heads can live without a body, meaning that this was just step one of three in defeating Hewdraw. Shortly he will arrive at a town, where the two other Hewdraw heads have taken residence and are wrecking havoc.

[edit] Land Battle

When Pit first arrives, 3 non-aggressive Monoeyes will right off the field, unless he chooses to shoot them. There will also be 3 portions of food in the starting area. After moving along for a short while, he will come across a key which is vital to defeating the 2nd Hewdraw head.

[edit] Miniboss: Hewdraw Head

Palutena will tell Pit to go in the courtyard for a "present". She gives him monster pheromone which attracts enemies to him, drawing in a Hewdraw head in the process. He must defeat this head to move on. After destroying the head, he will find 3 portions of food a short distance ahead. Travel on a little further and he will get ambushed by a medium-large number of enemies. A bit further on and he'll find a drink of the gods, and the entrance to facing the actual boss of this chapter.

[edit] Intensity Gate

The Intensity Gate featured in Chapter 3 requires the Fiend's Cauldron's intensity level to be set at 4.0 or above. Palutena will tell Pit that the path is a direct way back to the start, however there is one Treasure Chest on the way past that you will find.

[edit] Boss Battle

The boss of this chapter is Hewdraw Reborn. Hewdraw Reborn is just Hewdraw minus the 2 other heads. To defeat him Pit needs to shoot the large fireballs that are above him to knock him out the water, to then attack him when knocked out of the water. Many of the missiles Hewdraw Reborn fires are difficult to dodge, requiring expert timing to dodge.

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