Hades as seen in Kid Icarus: Uprising
Gender Male / God
First Appearance Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)
Most Recent Appearance Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)
Alignment Underworld Army

Hades is the true main antagonist of Kid Icarus: Uprising for the Nintendo 3DS. However, he is not introduced until Pit defeats the boss of Chapter 9: Medusa's Final Battle. He seems to enjoy irritating people and complete bloodshed, as seen when he picks at Viridi and attacks the various towns to sway the humans. He is also shown to be very nonchalont despite the evil acts he does and flirtatious towards any female character. He also has a final quality that is strange for a games main antagonist, a huge sense of humour, making jokes and puns even at the most inapropriate of times.

[edit] Kid Icarus: Uprising

He is first alluded to in Chapter 8, when Thanatos is asked how Medusa outranks him when he is the God of Death and the Underworld is the world of the dead, he avoids the question to protect Hades' role from being discovered.

Hades is initially introduced when "Medusa" is defeated by Pit. He begins by revealing that she was just a lot of souls put together into one body (similar to how "Pandora" was just a soul disguised) to create a pawn of the real Medusa. He is also revealed to have 'lent' Medusa his Underworld forces in the first game, making him in a way the prime antagonist for the entire series, not just in Uprising.

Afterwards, he and the Underworld Army travel to a volcano with the supposed goal of gathering the Wish Seed from the Phoenix and using it to resurrect a little girl's parents. However, Palutena quickly catches on to the truth and reveals that the Wish Seed cannot actually grant a wish, and he only uses it to send the humans into a frenzy to begin a bloodshed and a war.

This sparks the return of Viridi, the Goddess of Nature, who drops a Reset Bomb on nations in the midst of a war, attempting to reset the world back to its original form. However, Hades just laughs and sends his Underworld Army to the Reset Bomb Depot where they, Pit and the Forces of Nature all square off in a battle over the Reset Bomb Depot.

Hades then revives Thanatos, who was deafeated by Pit earlier in the game, to command his armies, and has him fight Phosphora in the clouds. Though Thanatos is defeated, Hades lets his forces continue to battle without a commander and then proceeds to watch Pit fight Phosphora, with Pit emerging the winner.

Viridi and Hades' forces battling eventually draws the Aurum to Earth, and both he, Viridi, Pyrrhon and Palutena have their forces fight them back, with Hades only doing so because he believes that the planet is his to destroy, not the Aurum's. Hades uses the chaos of the Aurum to his advantage, placing many Mimicuties in Pit's way, and blaming it on the fact the Aurum copy technology, like the Exo-tank. Hades at one point also helps Pit, launching an Aurum ship he had stolen at the start of the fight at the Aurum Hive to make an entrance into it for Pit. Eventually Pyrrhon takes control of the Aurum, and Hades enjoys how Pit was duped by Pyrrhon, mocking him.

After the Aurum Brain is defeated, the Chaos Kin takes over Palutena and places Pit's soul in a ring. She then has Pit's body and her Centurians attack the humans, making Hades' life easier, supplying him with souls to make his Underworld forces. Hades tries his best to stop Pit from bringing Palutena back to her senses, mostly by harassing him with his Underworld forces and his smarmy remarks towards the fact he might have to fight Palutena to return her to herself.

When Viridi and Pit travel to the Chariot Master's castle, Hades' troops try to stop them all the way, making a mockery of the Chariot Master's defences with his floating army. He says he is there to take the Lightning Chariot for himself, stating it would be quite a babe-magnet. He also wants to stop Pit from saving Palutena from the Chaos Kin, so her attacks on the humans can continue and give him ever more souls from the dead. The Chariot Master at one point tells Hades to show himself so he could crush him with his Lightning Chariot. Hades does not seem fazed by this, despite that the Chariot Master had said he fought in the wars of the God's - and survived, albeit with a destroyed body.

Hades then took a back seat in the event that followed, with Pit fighting and defeating the Chaos Kin, but very nearly dying as his wings burnt away saving Dark Pit. When Dark Pit headed into an area of the Underworld to revive pit, Hades waited for him, stating that he eats souls to keep himself strong, and that he wishes he could eat Dark Pit's, loving how dark and malleable it would be. Eventually Dark Pit loses him and gets to his destination. It is there that Pandora comes back to life, only this time, as Hades puts it, more animated. Hades does not recognise Pandora this way, and says he should destroy the place so Pit isn't brought back to life in Pandora's clothes, with Palutena saying he can't. After all this, and Pit's revival, Palutena states that it is now time to focus on Hades.

Pit then equips the Three Sacred Treasures and attacks Hades, who destroys them before swallowing Pit whole. Inside him are cellular versions of basic Underworld enemies, like the Monoeye. In here Palutena can't commune with Pit, and hades constantly threats to flush Pit down his intestines. Viridi attacks Hades with the Forces of Nature, distracting him long enough for Pit to reach the Hades Heart. Doing damage inside Hades barely affects the God, even the destruction of his heart only causes a small explosion, albeit one big enough to allow Dark Pit to save him in the Lightning Chariot, riding it straight through the God. Hades states that it hurt, before shrugging, and saying that at least he's not dead.

The next time Hades sees Pit, he is wielding the Great Sacred Treasure, and fights Hades' Devastation Ensemble, used only for special occasions. He retreats from Pit after you deal enough damage, heading to the Overworld to slaughter a country or two to stock up on souls. He has his bottom half eventually chopped off, but regrows it after he reaches the Overworld and completely destroys the Great Sacred Treasure. Hades then begins charging a devastating beam that will annihalate Pit, but Pit helps Medusa lock on to Hades, who had revived her, but will no longer be his puppet and is angry at constantly being revived to be a slave. Medusa is able to destroy his head, but Hades fights back and destroys her for now being a complete nuisance.

Hades now grows a new head and trys to blast Pit out of the sky. Pit then gathers the gun of the Great Sacred Treasure which Palutena charges while Viridi helps him fly. After the weapon is fully charged, Pit fires and the power of the goddess of light blasted at Hades completely and utterly destroys him. The town behind Hades' and Pit's final confrontation cheers at the defeat of the lord of the Underworld, and Pit and Dark Pit fly off into the distance, the world at peace once more...

[edit] Final Words

If the player waits until the end of the credits sequence and then also waits several minutes, Hades' voice sounds and reveals that his soul is still intact and actually begins to compliment Pit on his skill and power, and seems to be somewhat proud of him, stating that the 8-bit Pit from the first Kid Icarus game would never have made it. He then begins to make comical empty threats such as deleting the players save file, reflecting his joking nature. The god claims that his condition is very bad and might not be able to resurrect himself, which makes him whine about missing his body and all the women who will miss his 'godly physique' as well.

However, Hades hopes to figure out a way to resurrect himself in the next 25 years for the next Kid Icarus game and get his revenge, but until that point he decides to give Pit a few tips like to place hearts in the Fiends Cauldron to spice up the action and unlocks Boss Battle mode for the player to prove he's not a sore loser. He then gives a few parting words to the player and announces that Kid Icarus Uprising is his new favorite game before ending his long speech with the last words of the game, and at the moment the entire Kid Icarus series; Hades, Out!

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