Dark Pit(Chapter)

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Dark Pit is the sixth chapter in Kid Icarus: Uprising's story line and features Dark Pit, who was created in the previous Chapter. Pit and Palutena decides to pursue Dark Pit, who will be engaging in combat with Pit, throughout the entire Chapter.


[edit] Air Battle

Pit vs. Dark Pit

As the Chapter begins, Pit and Dark Pit are shown clashing briefly, before you finally take control of Pit. The setting starts out in an area filled with tornadoes. In the beginning, you have to continue attack Dark Pit until he eventually heads off and you'll face the Underworld Army once again. Medusa will appear and compliment Dark Pit's style and asks him to take out Pit, therefore he can join the Underworld Army. Dark Pit rejects the offer and decides to eliminate Pit for his own reasons, and even starts attacking the Underworld Army. Medusa wonders why Dark Pit is betraying her, where Palutena replies that the Mirror of Truth was possibly cracked before Dark Pit's creation was complete.

Pit will descend upon some ruins where he will encounter Dark Pit once again. Dark Pit will use an enemy to fire a projectile towards Pit, where he can avoid them by positioning himself behind the pillars. Afterwards Pit will land in a nearby area, leading to the land battle.

[edit] Land Battle

Underworld Army enemies

Pit must pursue Dark Pit by progressing through the abandoned ruins. He will also encounter enemies from the Underworld Army along the way. There are four possible areas, in which Pit will head in and battle Dark Pit. Each time you play this Chapter, you will encounter Dark Pit in two of the four areas at random. The possible four areas are:

  • an altar, where Dark Pit is equipped with the EZ Cannon.
  • at higher ground, where Dark Pit uses the Dark Pit Staff from long range. You can hide behind the pillars to avoid the attack.
  • in an open field, where Dark Pit uses the Violet Palm. There's a Cherubot that Pit can use to assist him.
  • at an underground area, where Dark Pit uses the Ogre Club

After you encounter and defeat Dark Pit twice, he heads back to where the path branches out into the four areas and a grind rail will appear. That rail will lead him to a set of floating platforms in the sky, leading to his third and final encounter with Dark Pit.

[edit] Zodiac Chamber

The only way to access this Zodiac Chamber is if you went to the underground area to battle Dark Pit. After defeating him, look for a hidden corridor, which leads to the chamber, earning you the Gemini Orbitars.

[edit] Boss Battle

Dark Pit Boss Battle

The boss of this Chapter is Dark Pit and he is equipped with the Silver Bow. You fight him on a set of floating platforms, some which have Jump Pads. Dark Pit will move across the arena at high speeds and most of his attacks are of long range distances. One particular attack has him using a powerful charge, which can only be avoided by using the Jump Pad to launch yourself onto another platform. Dark Pit doesn't have much health, so he will go down fairly quickly.

[edit] Trivia

  • This chapter is unique in that you do not head through the same paths in each play through.
  • This is one of the few chapters which holds the Cherubot vehicle.

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