Cannons are a weapon class that appears in the Nintendo 3DS game Kid Icarus: Uprising. When used at long range, the cannon will fire powerful explosive attacks. Compared to the other nine weapon classes, the Cannon can be considered the most technologically advanced weapon in Pit's arsenal. Despite this, the Cannon suffers from a major pitfall when used in land based combat; Due to the Cannons extreme weight, it will slow Pit down considerably.

[edit] Appearance and Abilities

EZ Cannon
EZ Cannon.png
This is the basic variant of the Cannon class of weapons. This Cannon has a small green blade on its side for use with close-range melee attacks, and fires bombs that reflect off of other objects to bounce back and hit shielded enemies.
Dynamo Cannon
Dynamo Cannon.png
This futuristic Cannon fires small balls of electricity. When these balls of electricity explode, they can deal ongoing damage and possible paralysis to any enemy caught in the resulting electric field. The charge shots are quick for this class but the charge shots do not stun the foe when they are hit by them.
TwinBellows Cannon
TwinBellows Cannon.png
This Cannon gets its name from the boss, TwinBellows, which it also shares a similar appearance with. It shoots lots of fireballs during constant fire and its charge time is decent. Most of its shots have a chance to burn the target on contact. Its backwards dash charge shot fires a ball in an small arc and has little range.
Firework Cannon
Firework Cannon.png
This Cannon takes a much simpler appearance with a wooden frame. Its has the fastest charge speed out of all the cannons but its shots are weak and they hit multiple times. Its backwards charge shot travels slowly and it has great homing ability.
Sonic Cannon
This cannon's continuous fire has surprising homing ability, and while dashing it fires homing shots in a wide area. Upon impact, the Sonic Cannon's charged shots burst, hitting nearby targets. Overall this weapon has good range but poor melee ability, and its backward charged shot has little range.
Cragalanche Cannon
This Cannon is made of chunks of the boss Cragalanche, and is all about power. All of its dashing shots can cause knockback, and the weapon's charged shots roll along the ground and cause massive damage. The cannon's shot speed is very slow and the user gets bogged down by its weight.
Predator Cannon
This cannon, which looks sort of like a dragon, has the strongest melee power of its class. The weapon also increases the movement speed of the user. If the homing power is used,its backward dash charge shot actually homes in on its target nicely.
Poseidon Cannon
This water infused cannon shots has very long range and explodes in a large area. Its continuous fire is rapid and has decent power behind it. All of its shots will force foes back with sheer hydro power!
Rail Cannon
This cannon has the largest range of its class. Its standing constant fire rate is slow compared to its dash variant. This cannon is mostly for those with good aim or good at a distance.
Doom Cannon
This cool looking cannon has a slow charge rate and its shots moves slowly too. Its dash charge shot deals ongoing damage at a blistering fast rate! Much faster than the dynamo cannon! Its constant fire shots actually bounce off the ground!
Leo Cannon
This cannon is among the trickiest weapons to use in the entire game. Basically, the cannon's charge shots explode only when a certain distance is reached. If you hit a foe with it, it will go straight through them and explodes behind them. The shots also send the foe flying but it is weak compared to the other cannons that have explosive shots.

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