Bumpety Bomb

Bumpety Bomb

Gender Unknown
First Appearance Kid Icarus: Uprising
Most Recent Appearance Kid Icarus: Uprising
Alignment Forces of Nature

A Bumpety Bomb is a soldier in Viridi's army, the Forces of Nature. It is a bomb that has wheels on the bottom of it, as well as armor on the front and back. At first this enemy minds its own business, but if it's attacked or spots hostilities, it will pursue them and light its fuse. Unless it's destroyed quickly, it can follow Pit and explode near him. Despite the armor, this enemy can be sent flying easily. If it blows up, you won't receive hearts. Viridi made this bomb because she was tired of placing a bomb and having the person run away from it.

[edit] Tips for Destroying

  • Get closer to deal more damage.
  • Use attacks with knockback to keep it away.
  • Simply avoid or run by if possible.

[edit] Idol Description

Have you ever placed bomb, only to have monsters run away from it? It's the worst! That's why Viridi created this running time bomb. Its armor makes it hard to destroy from afar and dangerous up close, so you might just want to run!

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