Pit with a Blade
The Blade weapon class is the most basic of the nine weapon classes available within the Nintendo 3DS game Kid Icarus: Uprising. Balanced in both ranged and melee attacks, Blades resemble laser guns with extending barrels. Like the Palm weapon archetype, the Blade class can shoot both charged and rapid fire shots.

[edit] Appearance and Abilities

The Blade, at first, looks like a gun with a metal rod or barrel protruding from the end. This 'barrel' can be used to create a plasma blade to be used in close quarters melee combat. For it's ranged attacks the same barrel is also able to fire plasma shots. These shots can be both rapid-fire for quick but weaker attacks or a charged shot for slower but more powerful attacks. All of the blades hone the unique ability to allow Pit to shower the battle field in Ligtning, striking all enemies on screen.

First Blade
First Blade.png
This is the basic variant of the Blade class of weapons. There is nothing special about this weapon except for the fact that it truly doesn't have anything past the basics. It is useful against almost everything due to its lack of weaknesses (flight speed loss, etc.)
Burst Blade
Burst Blade.png
This green blade can shoot multiple charged shots almost immediately. While useful for clearing out a mass of smaller opponents, it is useless against stronger, larger foes. Out of all of the blades, the Burst Blade has the shortest range. Its standing constant fire has the widest spread out of all the blades and it fires many shots. The dash constant fire does not fire as many shots and its standing. This blade also has a strong change of canceling out fire.
Viper Blade
Viper Blade.png
This purple blade can shoot strong, poisonous shoots from long distances towards the enemy. This poison causes enemies to take more damage from the normal attacks from Pit. When charged or used as a dash, the poison effects are sustained by the enemy for longer periods of time.Its charge shots appers to have the properties of bows since its slender and it homes in like the shots from bows.
Royal Blade
Royal Blade.png
This Blade, fit for a king, launches expensive-looking gemstones towards the enemies. Its back-dash attacks are far more powerful than the weaker forward-dash attacks. With the right modifiers and powers, this blade's backwards dash charge shots will actually be a serious threat to all who oppose the one with this blade.
Samurai Blade
Samurai Blade.png
This Blade shares its appearance with a common samurai sword and a shotgun. While it's shots are weaker and take more time to charge up, the short-range melee attacks are much stronger in sheer power and can send foes flying farther than most blades.
Crusader Blade
Crusader Blade.png
This heavy blade has many wide shots that has a high chance of canceling out shots from foes. Its melee is also strong but it takes time to swing it. Its backwards dash charge shot is a large, blue star shield that helps tremendously in tight spaces. The blade also affects your stamina so you may find yourself getting tired frequently.
Aquarius Blade
Aquarius Blade.png
Bearing the sign of the Aquarius, this blade shoots watery rapid fire and charge shots. The charge shots it shoots can bounce off walls, something unusual but good about this blade. It's melee attacks have a chance of freezing the enemy, something never seen in blades without freezing modifiers. Its shots can also force foes back like a mighty wave!
Gaol Blade
Gaol Blade.png
The Gaol Blade is based on Dark Lord Gaol.Its charge shots have the properties of cannons because they can bounce off walls and floors. The continuous fire homes in on the opponet but losses considerable power the farther it does. This blade is the strongest of its class.
Optical Blade
Optical Blade.png
This blade has the longest range of its class. Its shots actually gets stronger the farther it travels! Its melee attack is nothing to sneeze at too! Its charge time is solid also.
Bullet Blade
Bullet Blade.png
This blade shoots old fashion bullets. Dont even bother with the melee with this weapon, it is the weakest of the class. Its shots however, travel fast and has good power behind it. Its shots are also big and you will most likely hit your target. The shots do the same over long distances and short distances so you don't have to space yourself.
Palutena Blade
Palutena Blade.png
A blade that is a rare example of a blade ordered by Palutena. The blade has a lion head on it. Its charge shots has range going for it. Unfortunetly, the continuous fire is not that powerful despite its speed. It also can cancel out shots of other foes.
Aurum Blade
Aurum Blade.jpg
This blade, actually made by Dyntos, has a quick charge time and it has good homing. The continuous shots are fast and its charge shots can go through enemies and homes nicely.

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